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Ask the Times: Times stands in place of a house that was built around 1900
The Carter home was torn down in the late 1960s to build The Times’ building. - photo by Pictorial History of Hall County to 1950

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After learning about homes torn down to build the current Green Street post office, a reader asked to hear about the house located where The Times building now sits.

The Carter home, built around 1900, was torn down in 1968 or 1969 to build The Times building, according to “Pictorial History of Hall County to 1950” by Sybil McRay.

Rives Carter lived in the house as a child after his grandfather, Oliver Carter, died in the early 1940s. Oliver Carter was the owner of Carter Grocery Co.

“All of his children were away in the service except for my father, who was too old for the war,” Carter said.
“So it was the powers that be elected us to move into the house to look after my grandmother (Fannie Carter) in the house.”

He said the house had six bedrooms and two sleeping porches.

Mostly what he remembers, though, is the yard.

“It had a huge yard I had to cut. I didn’t like that. And they didn’t have any gas lawn mowers either; you couldn’t get gas, anyway,” he said. “That’s what I remember about it. It was all uphill.”

Carter said the family sold the home to Charles Smithgall, founder of The Times, because it cost too much money to keep up the home and most of the family had moved out.

Carter added that a cabin was located on the back of the property.

A chimney from the time period still stands behind The Times office.

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