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Ask The Times: No plans to install more sirens in Hall
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If you’ve been wondering about something in your community, Ask The Times is your place to get answers. The following questions were submitted by readers and answered through the efforts of our news staff.

Why are so many of the county’s tornado sirens in South Hall? It seems they overlap a lot.

Grant money was used to install sirens throughout the county after a tornado killed 12 in 1998.

“Since then Gainesville, Oakwood and Flowery Branch have gotten grants to install additional sirens,” said David Kimbrell, director of emergency management for Hall County.

There are a total of 23 sirens in the county but no plans to install more sirens due to changes in technology.

Hall County uses Everbridge, a mass notification system that alerts residents of weather emergencies in the area. Weather radios are another option residents can use to stay informed.

“(The radios) cover better, and you can hear them inside. The sirens are just designed to notify you if you are outside your house,” Kimbrell said.

The Everbridge system also can notify residents about other emergencies, road closures and water utility maintenance through cellphone, email, fax, landline telephone, pagers, text message and more.

Residents listed in the county’s 911 database or in the white pages of the phone book will be automatically subscribed to alerts by landline. Residents can also self-register by going to

The Times also provides National Service Weather alerts via its email and text messaging service. Go to to sign up. Readers can also sign up to receive breaking news and other types of alerts.

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