Hall, Gainesville delaying start of school Friday due to threat of icy roads
Hall County and Gainesville districts are delaying the start of school Friday, Feb. 21, due to concerns of icy roadways.
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Adults help students plant tulips on school campus
New Holland Core Knowledge Academy kindergartners Daqurious Bailey, left, and Annette Sanchez hold their tulip bulbs. - photo by Tom Reed

Click here for video: Watch Phillip Elrod, a counselor at New Holland Core Knowledge Academy, help prekindergartners plant tulip bulbs.

As the mercury threatens to dip below freezing, New Holland Core Knowledge Academy students, faculty and staff braved the elements to plant nearly 700 tulip bulbs Tuesday on school grounds.

Pre-kindergartners through fifth-graders shuffled out to the front of the school this week to plant bulbs that will burst into yellow and red blooms this spring.

Phillip Elrod, a counselor at the New Holland elementary school, said as students plant the bulbs, he tells them about the science behind the little seed that will grow into a flower before their eyes. Once blossomed, the tulips will bring New Holland academy’s school spirit to life.

Jill Hegwood, a pre-kindergarten teacher at New Holland Core Knowledge Academy, said the planting activity allowed her students to engage their senses and to learn about life forms and life cycles. She said many of her students had never heard of a tulip before they learned they’d be planting one.

"I think that it’s important for them to have a hand in beautifying the campus," Hegwood said. "They’ll be able to see what they’ve done in the spring."

The pre-kindergartners seemed dazzled by the concept of planting a bulb today and seeing a flower grow in its place months from now.

"I like it when flowers grow up," said 4-year-old New Holland student Stephanie Franco.

Tyvez Bledson, a 5-year-old New Holland pre-kindergartner, said he’s looking forward to seeing the colorful flower cups each day when he comes to school.

"It’s gonna be pretty," he said.

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