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Administration named for NGCSU, GSC institution
Jacobs to head new school
0511bonita jacobs
Bonita Jacobs

The new administrative team includes:

  • President: Bonita Jacobs
  • Provost: Dr. Patricia Donat
  • Senior vice president, university affairs: Al Panu
  • Vice president, Oconee Campus: Margaret Venable
  • Vice president, business and finance: Mac McConnell
  • Associate vice president, business and finance: Wanda Aldridge
  • Vice president, student affairs: Tom Walter
  • Vice president, advancement: Andy Leavitt
  • Vice president, community and public affairs: Mary Transue
  • Vice president, executive affairs: Billy Wells

The institution that will form from the consolidation of North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College may not have a name yet, but the leadership has been put in place.

On Monday, Bonita Jacobs, president-designate for the new institution, announced the administrative team, slated to take effect in January 2013.

The leadership will combine administrators from the two schools, but, Jacobs said, there was no “quota” set for how many positions were retained from each school.

“On both campuses, we have a very strong team and so it wasn’t so much about I want to keep this one and not that one,” Jacobs said about the decision. “It’s (based on) how we best put these people in roles that will best take the campus forward.”

She said all the vice presidents on each campus were retained in the new administration and those who report to the vice presidents, including the college deans, will be considered for positions within the new organization.

“We’ll have to look at that and we have some very strong people on both campuses, so we’re hopeful that we can place people into positions where they can do the greatest good,” Jacobs said. “We’ll move people around as we need to, but we’ll take into consideration not only their experience, but their passion.”

Jacobs said she discussed the roles extensively with Gainesville State’s president, Martha Nesbitt, to gain insight into its administrative team.

Nesbitt was set to retire before the consolidation.

The new institution will retain five administrators from each school, which includes Jacobs.

“We’re going from campuses of 6,000 and 9,000 to a campus of 15,000 and it’s important that we have at the table people who can speak to all of the students and not just the ones they’ve been used to working with,” said Jacobs.

With the new administration in order, the consolidation implementation committee will vote on Friday to approve the new institution’s mission statement. Once approved, that will go to the Board of Regents.

The next move, Jacobs said, is to establish a name for the consolidated institution.

The implementation committee is currently using focus groups to test ideas and will rank three possibilities before giving them to the Board of Regents for approval.

“The name is probably the most emotional part of this,” said Jacobs.

She hopes the name is settled before the summer.

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