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2 injured, pulled from car after crash into sewer culvert in West Hall

A 70-year-old man was transported emergency to Northeast Georgia Medical Center before noon Friday, May 24, after his car struck a sewer culvert, police said.

Oakwood Police Capt. Rick Whaley said the man was driving westbound on Flat Creek Road at Covey Trail. The car went off the road and struck a sewer culvert “knocking it from its foundation for approximately 7-10 feet,” Whaley said. Police did not know why the car left the roadway.

The car overturned on its left side, and officers helped a 68-year-old woman out of the vehicle through the sunroof. Hall County Fire Services extricated the man out of the car.

The woman was transported non-emergency to the hospital.

Police did not identify those involved.

The road was shut down until 12:55 p.m. Friday, and a Gainesville crew were making repairs to the culvert.

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