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15-year-old charged with raping 18-year-old at Gainesville home
Matthew Brady Pittman.jpg
Matthew Brady Pittman

A 15-year-old was charged with rape after an alleged incident at a Gainesville home, police said.

Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook confirmed that Matthew Brady Pittman, of Gainesville, was being charged as an adult.

He was booked Thursday, Nov. 15, in to the Hall County Jail.

Police said Pittman “did reportedly have unwanted sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old victim.”

Pittman’s attorney Clint Teston had no comment other than to say his client had bonded out of the jail.

Holbrook said a witness “walked in on the sexual encounter,” which allegedly took place Nov. 3 at a private residence. The sergeant said Pittman and the alleged victim knew each other.

A third party reported it to law enforcement on Nov. 6, “someone that obviously recognized that this was unwanted sexual intercourse and someone that had the courage to stand up for the victim,” Holbrook said.

“Although they did not necessarily speak for themselves at the time, it led to us opening the investigation,” Holbrook said.

Police did not have any information on any other details surrounding the incident.