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14 Hall students taken to hospital with itchy rash
Cause of outbreak still unknown
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The cause of Thursday morning’s rash outbreak at Johnson High School that sent 15 to the hospital is still undetermined, but rumors of a prank spread throughout the school.

In an announcement to students from principal Stan Lewis, the school is offering a $500 reward for any information to corroborate the rumor, according to Gordon Higgins, spokesman for Hall County Schools.

As of now, the rumors have not been substantiated.

Fifteen patients from the school, 14 students and one custodian, were transported to the hospital complaining of a rash.

An additional six were evaluated on scene.

The diagnoses came back as contact dermatitis.

The term refers to a rash or inflammation resulting from contact with an irritant, including soap, cosmetics or plants.

Their medical conditions were considered nonemergency, according to Capt. Scott Cagle, a spokesman for the Hall County Fire Services.

Nineteen of the patients were in the same classroom before showing signs of a rash and complaining of itching, Cagle said.

The one student who was not in the class made contact with a student who was.

The custodian entered the classroom after the complaint.

There were no complaints of respiratory problems.

Officials closed off the wing of the school where the incident happened in order to investigate what caused the reaction.

Classes in that wing, according to Higgins, were moved to the gym.

The school resumed its normal schedule before the end of the day.

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