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12-year-old from Forsyth County attends NGCSU
Alex always planned on enrolling in 2011
Alex Beach, 12, talks about his excitement and worries about starting college at North Georgia College & State University this summer. - photo by AUTUMN MCBRIDE

At just 2 years old, Alex Beach began reading textbooks.
His mother, Melinda Beach, knew it was time to take him to get an intelligence test.

The Forsyth County mother recalled how the examiners asked her son to select two playing cards from a variety spread out across the floor.

Alex Beach named the "2" and the "5," receiving cooing, baby-like praise from the testers.

Melinda Beach said her son then stared at them and began forming more impressive number combinations and mathematical equations.

"They said, ‘He shouldn't be able to do all this,'" she said.

Ten years later, it's no surprise to her that her 12-year-old son will start his first day of college today at North Georgia College & State University.

Alex Beach will be the youngest student to attend the college since at least 1997, NGCSU computerized records show.

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