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12 months probation for former Hall elections board member accused of stealing underwear
Thomas Charles Sandoval
Tommy Sandoval

A former Hall County Elections Board member accused of taking two packages of boxer briefs from Walmart was sentenced under the First Offender Act to probation.

Tommy Sandoval received 12 months of probation under the First Offender Act on a charge of theft by shoplifting from January 2017.

“With regard to the Walmart theft, he was offered First Offender treatment. He’ll have some community service to do, pay a small fine and at the end of his first offender term, his charge will also be dismissed,” defense attorney Arturo Corso said.

Under the First Offender Act, Sandoval will have the case discharged if he fulfills all of the terms of his sentence.

According to court documents, Sandoval will also have 60 hours of community service and a $992.50 fine.

He also was ordered to have no contact with any Walmart in Hall County, according to the sentencing document.

In a separate case, Sandoval was accused of theft by taking in an alleged March 2016 incident. According to court documents, Sandoval allegedly took a 30-ounce Yeti stainless steel cup.

“An employee of the elections office began missing the Yeti cup,” Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook previously told The Times.

Corso said Sandoval was given a pre-trial diversion program for the Yeti cup, and the attorney said he expects both charges to be dismissed.

Sandoval did not return a call for comment Thursday.