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$10K grant in Flowery Branch to tackle speeding

With aging technology to target speeders, Flowery Branch Police received the funds to purchase four new speed detection devices.

According to the department’s application for a Governor’s Office of Highway Safety grant, Flowery Branch Police wrote 641 citations for speeding in 2016, a 10 percent increase over 2015.

The department extrapolated a speeding citation total above 950 for all of 2017.

The $10,635 grant will cover two radar speed detection units and two laser speed detection devices.

“The speed detection equipment that we have is getting a little aged,” said Flowery Branch Police Chief David Spillers, who couldn’t recall when the initial equipment was purchased.

The grant also includes the installation costs, as Spillers hopes to patrol the section of Interstate 985 in the department’s jurisdiction and other nearby roads.

“Basically, we’re using those to slow down speeding drivers because … the leading cause of traffic deaths right now is speed and distracted driving from texting a good bit and that sort of thing,” Spillers said.

Flowery Branch Police received 43 crash reports between January and February of this year.

The laser-based units arrived two weeks ago, and Spillers is waiting on the doppler radar units.

An officer certified to use the devices would be able to check out a device for the shift, Spillers said.

Other streets of concern for the department include Friendship Road and Gainesville Street.

“We’ve actually recorded readings on Gainesville Street in that 35-(mph) zone of 90 mph,” Spillers said.