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The prom: Hair & makeup
Experts say watch the red carpet
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Who cares if your date didn't get a bow tie and cummerbund to match your dress?

You can get your hair to match instead.

At least, that's the advice from Amanda Jones at American Salon and Spa in Gainesville.

Colored extensions are new this year for prom hairdos, and she said it's a unique way to match the color of your dress.

"That is for short or long hair," she said. "We can just add the fun pieces to match their dresses; we have different colors."

For girls with short hair, Jones said messy, tousled curls are very in this season - anything that's natural.

Karen Gayton, owner at Princeton Salon and Spa in Gainesville, also recommended girls with short hair try the "Paris Hilton" look, with sides pulled back and the front teased into a "pouf."

"You want to pull the sides back and then have the pouf come forward in the front," Gayton said. "You can do it really high for a dramatic effect or low if you want something subtle."

But be sure to use hairspray to get the effect - not girlie clips.

"Clips are really out of style right now," she added. "You want to let your hair make a statement. You don't want to have a bunch of jewelry ... It tends to make an individual look like a teenie bopper. Basically you want to look like runway model."

For ladies with long hair, both Jones and Gayton recommended long, luscious, loose curls.

"I call them the Jessica Simpson loose waves," Gayton said. "You just make that soft loose wave. The good thing about that is you do it tighter when you're (at the salon) and then it loosens up a little.

"That on long hair looks really good with the pouf in the front and long side bangs sweeping back."

Jones said they have been doing a range of styles for longer hair, however, from flat ironing to traditional up dos and 1960s-inspired looks.

For makeup, both Jones and Gayton said girls should stick with a dramatic eye - and don't overdo it by painting your lips red, too.

"Eyes are really big," Jones said. "People are doing eye makeup to match the dress - bright eye color with a neutral lip."

She also mentioned eyelash extensions are popular, too.

Gayton specifically mentioned dark eyes paired with a pale pink lip for a dramatic effect. And she reminded girls to stay away from too much foundation or blush.

"With foundation, I think young grils need to remember they are in high school and they don't need to cake it on," she said.

"You don't want to do any heavy foundation, and if teens have blemishes, the last thing you want to do is cake makeup over it."