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Plants are pretty but some can be toxic to your pet’s tummy
08242018 POISON 1.jpg
This June 13, 2017 photo shows several stands of foxglove or digitalis growing wild on a parcel of roadside property near Langley, Wash. Although it produces beautiful blooms, foxglove can trigger irregular heart rates, seizures and breathing irregularity in dogs, cats, horses and a variety of other animals when eaten in quantity. All parts of the plant are considered toxic. Poisonous plants can harm your pets or your livestock. Learn to recognize toxic weeds and their symptoms.
Summer is the time to let pets play outside, whether at the park, on walks down the street or letting them roam in the backyard. But don’t do so without taking some precautions. Many plants can be poisonous to animals. Whether the animal eats them or simply licks them, poisonous plants can cause sickness or even death to these important members of the family.