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What Hall residents are looking forward to after COVID-19
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Diners at Avocados sit at sidewalk tables Friday, Sept. 21, 2018, in downtown Gainesville. - photo by Scott Rogers

Remember hugs? Those were nice.

Staying blocked off from most of the world to limit the spread of COVID-19 has awakened people to the mundane experiences they once took for granted.

Eating at a restaurant, walking into a mall and simply looking in the eyes of a loved one are all activities for which people now long.

The Times asked Hall County residents to share what they’re most looking forward to once this is all over. You can find this post and other information about the local response to the coronavirus at our Community Against Coronavirus group on Facebook.

Tonya Loggins Pantoja

Tonya Loggins Pantoja (1).jpg
Tonya Loggins Pantoja
First and foremost, giving thanks to God for ending the COVID19 virus, then reuniting with my church friends, my family members and seeing all my grandchildren. But mostly, I can’t wait to plan a celebration of life for my dad. We lost him after a courageous battle with terminal cancer on April 5th, and not being able to have a proper service for him is really breaking my heart. And also just going outside without fear!

Julie Marie Smith

Julie Marie Smith (1).jpg
Julie Marie Smith
Going to church again. Teaching my Sunday School preschoolers. Taking little day trips with my family. Safely taking my daughter grocery shopping with me. Taking my daughter to play with her cousins. Doing activities with my AHG troop. Working in my office again. Going on a normal date night with my husband. Basically, everything we’ve all taken for granted before the virus.

Aimee Hoecker

Can’t wait to do trivia for my customers again! And eat at all my favorite restaurants.

Carly Terblanche

Brunch on a patio day drinking with my best friends on a spring day.

Shelley Davis

Shelley Davis (1).jpg
Shelley Davis
Live music, probably at Avocados or Crimson Moon. Seeing my grandbabies! They’ve grown so much in a short period of time. Meeting friends for Happy Hour at Chopblock.

I just want to hug my mom.

Seeing the smiles that I know are hiding behind the masks, to hug my family and friends and to watch as others get the hugs and love that they have been missing!

Bethanie Gee Henry

TJ Maxx! But seriously, to think “I’m gonna run to ... ” and actually be able to go!

I’m most looking forward to being able to go to choir practice and see my choir mates and being able to worship in person. I’ve missed seeing my family

Bethanie Gee Henry (1).jpg
Bethanie Gee Henry
and getting hugs, enjoying a meal together, dinner at Grammy’s! Playing games with them after dinner and joking around with each other. Buying everything we need at the store including toilet paper, not because we need it, but just because. I think I’ll enjoy a slower lifestyle because this shutting down has shown me that it is possible to simply stop.

Tricia Bramblett

Looking most forward to seeing family and friends. That and going out to eat, sitting in a restaurant enjoying a hot meal in the restaurant. To-go meals are great! But I want to sit and enjoy it there.

Being able to give my pharmacy customers a smile, instead of having to have that smile covered by a mask.

Being with my (mother-in-law). Her husband passed away on the (April) 6th after a long illness, and she has been alone since then.

Being able to get back with my church family. I am a hugger so I will hug everyone I see. Going to my peaceful place, the beach.

Lori Van Scoten

Volunteer dog walking at the Humane Society, and eating out in restaurants!

Kaitlyn Davis

I just want to hug my parents and tell them how much I love them face to face. My heart hurts that I don’t know when I’ll be able to see them again.

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