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How Gainesville family fared on ABC's 'Don't' game show
The Williams family of Gainesville will be featured on an Aug. 13, 2020, episode of ABC's "Don't." Photo courtesy ABC.

A Gainesville family won $99,000 Thursday, Aug. 13, on the season finale of “Don’t,” an ABC game show. 

The Williams family — siblings Graham, Nathan, Leita and Reagan — took on a series of challenges on the show hosted by actor Adam Scott and produced by fellow actor Ryan Reynolds. 

The family had a small watch party Thursday night with friends and family. 

“It was a surreal thing just to be watching on TV and having your family all in the same place and lots of your best friends. That only makes it 10 times better,” Graham Williams told The Times Friday, Aug. 14. 

Regarding their plans for the money, Graham Williams said they wanted to make a trip honoring their grandfather, who landed on the beaches of Normandy in World War II, to see where he fought.  

The family discussed other ideas for their winnings, such as investment, clearing out some debt and ways to pay it forward to some charitable organizations. 

They also mentioned on the show getting “Don’t” tattoos if they crossed the $50,000 threshold.  

“I’m certainly game. I’m not sure if all the other siblings have bought in yet,” Graham Williams said regarding the tattoos. 

The show poked fun at the family’s penchant to say “woo” during the thrilling moments of the show. A counter in the corner of the screen tallied 145 “woos” during the hourlong program. 

“The ‘woo counter’ was so funny. You have no idea how often you (say) ‘woo’ when you’re excited about something until there’s someone counting them,” Reagan Williams said. 

The first challenge had Graham, Nathan and Leita Williams answering trivia questions while Reagan was suspended in the air in a comically oversized pair of pants. 

Each wrong answer caused one of the pants’ buttons to fall, and three wrong answers would have plunged Reagan into a pool of water below.  

The family garnered $15,000 with only two wrong answers. 

The team racked up another $40,000 as Reagan Williams consumed spicy peppers while being tempted with water, orange soda and other liquid relief.  

Another $11,000 was added to the pot when Graham Williams attempted to knock down “fires” with a slingshot while being guarded by men in giant matchstick costumes. 

Their team effort came in “Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around,” where the foursome had to navigate an obstacle course while all strapped inside of a van costume. The Williams family was awarded $20,000 for completing the course in a minute. 

The family agreed the obstacle course was one of the most challenging and exciting events of the night. Leita Williams, who was in the front of the van and calling out instructions, said the show captured the “pure surprise on our (faces) that we did not think we were going to make that.” 

“That was way harder than it looked. That was probably the most exciting moment for all four of us because we were doing it together,” Nathan Williams said. “It was super challenging. We made it with literally half a second to spare.” 

The last challenge involved each family member individually jumping down a track while being chased by a giant red ball. Their legs were bound together, and each of the Williams family tried to break through markers with increasing dollar amounts. 

The Williams gathered another $13,000 to reach a total of $99,000. 

Graham Williams, who splits his time between Gainesville and Atlanta, works for a nonprofit. Reagan Williams recently finished school at the University of Georgia with a major in biology. Leita Williams is at UGA studying English, and Nathan Williams, of Atlanta, works in real estate. They are all graduates of Gainesville High School. 

The siblings applied for the show and after several rounds of interviews and teleconferencing calls was selected. The family flew out to Hollywood for callbacks last July, and the filming was at the end of last August. 

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