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Look what I grew!
An occasional series highlighting fresh items from home gardens
Gainesville resident Willie Mae Brownlow, 82, shows the baby pineapple she grew from cuttings of a pineapple she brought back from Hawaii. She keeps the plant warm and safe in her garage during the winter, and pulls it out into the sun when it gets warm. - photo by Tom Reed

Willie Mae Brownlow went to Hawaii a few years ago with some friends. They came back with a box of pineapples, and she decided to cut the top off of one and stick it in a pot. A few years later, not only does she have an attractive houseplant, but she has a little pineapple growing, too.

What she grew: A pineapple

Why she decided to grow it: "Just for the plant." (She said she's done this before).

Does it require any special care: "No. As a matter of fact, I put it in the garage during the winter months. My daughter pulled it out for me this spring and she said, ‘Mama, there's a pineapple on your plant.' So I've watched it grow and it's grown steadily, a little bit every day. And I'm quite excited about it."

How the pineapple will be used: "I'll watch it, and probably, when I think it's mature, I'll pull it off and eat it."

Would she grow one again: "I would. It makes a beautiful plant."

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