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Lifting up the Lord
One church gives thanks by helping another renovate
Members of the Whole Word Worship Center in Dahlonega sing and perform Thursday evening at the Church of God on EE Butler Parkway. Church members visited the newly formed church to help get it started.


The Rev. Eugene Turner talks about holy water.

Church of God
Where: 626 E.E. Butler Parkway, Gainesville
Services: 7 p.m. Thursday, 7 p.m. Sunday
More info: 678-630-3673

The Rev. Eugene Turner said he heard God’s call and headed to Gainesville to meet with the Rev. Jalasker Lyles, pastor of Church of God on E.E. Butler Parkway.

Lyless church, in the pink building located behind Pepper’s Grocery in Gainesville, is a very small congregation. The older building needed some upgrades to the meeting space inside — Turner’s church, Whole Word Ministry in Dahlonega, was able to answer the call.

"They painted the whole place here," Lyles said. "I had no lights in here, I just had one (emergency) light over there; didn’t have lights on the fan, they rewired the fan, put new curtains in here, gave me a new (sound) system and a drum set."

Turner said the sound system and drum set was his personal equipment that he felt he should donate to the church.

Church of God is a nondenominational church, lead by Lyles and his wife, Cora, that has been meeting in Gainesville for nearly eight years.

"We’re very small and with the church right here coming in to help us, we are so grateful," said Lyles, who added that the pastor and volunteers worked for about three days doing improvements to the small building.

"I enjoyed doing the work at the church this week," said Gary Dowdy from Clermont. "I just do it because the Lord tells us to."

Whole Word Ministry doesn’t tackle mission trips very often, just when they hear God’s call.

Turner said he doesn’t question the reasons or the finances, he just goes.

"It’s wherever the Lord sends us," said Turner, a pastor of 15 years. "The Lord will make a way for us."

He wanted to make sure that all the glory of their mission went to God and not to himself and the church members.

"When you do something for the Lord you don’t want to lift yourself up, but the Lord for what he supplied," he said.

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