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Young church starts a new chapter in ministry
Revolution will change name on Christmas Eve
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Revolution Church will officially become Mountain Lake Church Gainesville at the Christmas eve services. A banner carries the new name on the building front. A new permanent sign is planned, but the name on the doors of the church will be removed and replaced, campus pastor Shad Treadaway said . - photo by NAT GURLEY

One local church has more than just the Christmas holiday to celebrate this season.

On Christmas Eve, Revolution Church will officially become Mountain Lake Church Gainesville, a satellite campus of the Forsyth County church.

Mountain Lake Church planted Revolution three years ago in Gainesville and has been in the process of launching the new campus for most of the year. The Gainesville church will operate under the umbrella of Mountain Lake Church.

Shad Treadaway, campus pastor of the Gainesville location, said the idea to become a satellite location for the mother church “made a lot of sense.”

“The concept is to revolve around a vision,” Treadaway said. “To provide a place for people to belong in a healthy relationship with Christ and others. For Revolution, it just made sense, because with a different terminology we’ve had the exact same vision. We’ve had a big focus on people who did not have a place to belong and didn’t have a big church background.”

The concept behind the smaller Revolution church and the mega church Mountain Lake is to appeal to people who may have felt out of place in churches in the past. A mega church is defined as having more than 2,000 regular attendees.

Additional campuses are expected to be opened in Dawson and Forsyth counties.

The individual campuses will maintain their own pastors so the local congregations can continue building personal relationships with their spiritual leaders.

Shawn Lovejoy, lead pastor of Mountain Lake Church, said the multi-campus model of teaching his church is adopting is different from the models many other multi-campus mega churches use.

“Distinctive of the multi-site strategy, I will not be broadcasting my message over there,” Lovejoy said. “Shad will be the live campus and teaching pastor (in Gainesville). That’s something that is a value to use and we feel like it’s a value to people. They will know the teacher and pastor on that campus even though it’s a campus of our church. It’s a unique multi-site ministry as far as mega churches go.”

Both pastors expect the congregation to start growing almost immediately and to have run out of space inside the existing campus location off of Jesse Jewell Parkway in Gainesville.

Treadaway said the church’s leadership team has already started looking for a facility to provide enough space for the anticipated growth.

Treadaway said he expects more people within Hall County and Gainesville will be attracted to the campus once it implements the new ministry opportunities found at the larger location.

“I think them becoming a part of the Mountain Lake family will actually make it a well-rounded ministry for families of all ages,” Lovejoy said. “I think it’s a great marriage. They’re already this young, hip church and they’re becoming a part of a larger, healthy church.”