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Riverside Military Academy molds future troops
The Gainesville-based high school aims for excellence in class and on the field
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With an eye toward nearby officers, a group of cadets double-times it to line up for parade practice Wednesday at Riverside Military Academy. The cadets marched in the Veteran’s Day parade in Atlanta on Saturdayas defending champions. - photo by NAT GURLEY
Veterans Day is a day of celebration and remembrance for those who have fought for our country. But the young men and women of our local military schools, many of whom aspire to continue the tradition of this holiday by formally serving in uniform, are often overlooked. In a time when most boarding schools are trending down in applications and enrollments, Gainesville’s Riverside Military Academy, a distinguished military boarding school for grades 7-12, has achieved nine straight semesters of increased enrollment and a record-setting number of cadets, which currently sits at 435.