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Quiz Bowl prepared contestant for Jeopardy!
Hall County test prep instructor on game show
Andrew Moore of Buford poses for a picture with “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek. The SAT and ACT preparation instructor who teaches students in Hall County has been a contestant on “Jeopardy!” since Tuesday. He will reappear on the game show Monday.

Andrew Moore said he always felt like he would be a viable contestant on the America’s Favorite Quiz Show “Jeopardy!” if he ever got the chance.

Since last Tuesday, Moore, an SAT and ACT preparation instructor who teaches students in Gainesville and Hall County, has proved exactly that. The Buford man will be on the show at 7:30 p.m. Monday on NBC, local cable channel 11. He’s been a contestant since Tuesday.

Moore said his experience on the show was fun but it took a lot of work to get there in the first place. The first step involved taking a quiz online. Then he had to audition, interview and compete in practice rounds.

Moore said his background as a student in Quiz Bowl competitions helped him while he was on the show. While certainly the question-and-answer portion of the bowls helped build Moore’s knowledge base, it also helped him to feel less nervous.

“I’ve played rounds of Quiz Bowl in front of 5,000 people before,” Moore said. “I was playing more for the camera than for people. But I always felt like if I got the chance to play (Jeopardy!) I’d do pretty well.”

As a longtime fan of the show, Moore said being a contestant was “surreal.”

“The people who are fans of the show you just watch it every night,” Moore said. “When you’re there you think ‘This is the thing I see on television.’ It’s surreal.

“But once you get playing, it’s really not so different from when you’re at home. But when you’re playing against the air, no one is beating you.”