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Putting pen to paper turns prosperous for Vickery Creek Elementary student
Ten-year-old Sarah Voskamp reads from her book "Filly Girls" to a group of Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy first-graders recently. - photo by Tom Reed

At 10 years old, Sarah Voskamp has done something many people never do — she's written a book.

The Cumming student is the author of "Filly Girls," a children's story about horseback riding girls. The book was released last December through the Boutique of Quality Book Publishing Company.

"I'm really proud of her," said her mother, Kim Voskamp. "When she told me she was going to write a book I said ‘Sure, go ahead, start writing.' When she was at 8,000 words, I said, "I think she's serious.'"

Sarah began typing her manuscript last year, after a couple of her classmates challenged each other to write a book during a walk back to class.

It was challenge Sarah would not take lightly.

Each day after school, Sarah said she wrote a chapter a day until she had nearly 70 pages.

Her parents brought the book to Vickery Creek teacher Lisa Stark for advice and then to an Atlanta publisher. The book, which is also illustrated, sells for $6.99 on and

Her story is about a group of girls who are invited to a horse show, only to find out it was canceled. "They do all they can to get it back on," she said.

As a new author, Sarah was recently invited to speak and share her book with first-graders at Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy. The kids had plenty of questions, such as "How did you get your ideas?"

Though Sarah has never been in a horseback-riding competition, she said she did take horseback riding lessons at one point.

Sarah has scheduled readings at elementary schools across the area and hopes to inspire more young authors.

"I want to let them know if they have a dream, they can do it," she said.

She adds that it was initially difficult to read her book in public.

"At first you get really nervous when you start reading, but then you look up at them and see they're smiling. You get used to it," she said.

Her mom said her daughter is already formulating plans for another book. Sarah will jot down her ideas until she can expand on them later.

"She wants to write a big book next time, so it may be longer," Kim Voskamp said.

A fan of the Twilight series, Sarah said she's also given thought to a vampire-inspired book. But no matter what direction her writing takes her, she said it's something she'll continue for a while.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do next but I have plenty of ideas," she said.



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