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Piedmont Tractor customers feast at In and Out Deli
Sandwiches, chips, drinks served 'in less than a minute'
Hungry customers visit In and Out Deli at its location inside Piedmont Tractor and Equipment off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Gainesville.

In and Out Deli

When: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where: 1780 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Gainesville (inside Piedmont Tractor and Equipment)

Cost: $4 for a sandwich, $6 for a combo with chips and drink

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Fast, fresh and flavorful food is the goal of the In and Out Deli. And the deli — located inside Piedmont Tractor and Equipment on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Gainesville — seems to succeed by streamlining its lunch service with house-made sandwiches, chips and sodas in glass bottles.

“We set it up for those in a hurry,” Piedmont Tractor and Equipment owner Brian Hollis said. “Ultimately, we wanted to take care of our customers and employees.”

The cafe idea came from Hollis and friend Loraine Anglin, who worked in various delis and bakeries throughout her life. Hollis wanted a “gathering place” where his employees could sit down and eat or grab something fresh and healthy to go. He decided to set up shop inside a former Greyhound station, which was opened by his mother years ago.

“It took a year to remodel the space and get it up to code and everything,” Hollis said.

Hollis and wife Penny designed the space to look like the new showroom at Piedmont Tractor and Equipment. When it opened, it became a place for customers to grab a bite while shopping or waiting on equipment to be serviced. Now, it’s a location where people from all around Gainesville stop to get a chicken salad sandwich, potato chips and sweet tea they know is fresh and high-quality.

“We bake the bread fresh every morning and make the chicken salad fresh every day,” Hollis said. “We sell out of chicken salad almost every day.”

The deli, which has only been open for six months, offers turkey, ham and roast beef sandwiches along with daily specials such as soup or salad. Anglin arrives at the shop at 7 a.m. to bake fresh rolls and make chicken salad.

“We knew what we wanted with our chicken salad,” Anglin said. “It just took one try to get it right. We knew we liked the grapes and pecans in it. I make it all from scratch. I don’t measure anything.”

Each morning, Anglin and Penny Hollis make a variety of sandwiches on Kaiser rolls, wheat rolls or other fresh breads to help speed up the lunch process by having choices ready.

“You come in, grab your chips and your drink, pick a sandwich and you’re in and out in usually less than a minute,” Brian Hollis said.

For those who want more variety, the deli also offers a special option each day.

“We have vegetable beef soup and peanut butter sandwiches on Mondays when it’s cold,” Anglin said. “In the summertime, we do more salads on different days.”

Tuesdays bring hot dogs on King’s Hawaiian buns with homemade coleslaw, and broccoli cheese soup with a chef salad is on Wednesday’s menu. Potato soup is a popular choice Thursday, and barbecue sandwiches are Friday’s addition. Anglin noted the shop almost always sells out of soup when it’s offered.

“I wanted something different with the vegetable beef soup and peanut butter sandwich,” Anglin said. “It’s nostalgic.”

Anglin said she learned to cook from her mother but gained experience in grocery stores over the years. She worked at Greenway’s in the deli and decorated cakes at J&J Foods for 17 years.

“It was totally different leaving security and going to something new after so long,” she said. “But a lot of my regular customers that I had over there have come here.”

Her recipes are a hit with the community of patrons who frequent the In and Out Deli, and business has been steady since opening. Hollis and Anglin are entertaining some additions to the menu for 2015, but for now, healthy fast meal options are the priority.

“We’ve had more turkey sales this year,” Anglin said. “It seems like people are more health-conscious.”

Individual sandwiches at In and Out Deli are $4, and a combo with chips and a drink is $6. A soup combo is $5, and brownies or cookies are $1 each.

The location also caters various events and can prepare food for up to 300 people in the small venue.

Piedmont Tractor and Equipment has a new location opening in White County, and Hollis plans to install a deli in the new store as well.