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Pastry chefs craft doughnut delicacies
Two men win Canadian competition and take home $10,000
Oakwood resident Charles Barrett, left, and his fellow pastry chef, Chris Munguia, competed in the Canadian television show “Donut Showdown” earlier this year. The men, who work at Park 75 restaurant in Atlanta’s Four Seasons Hotel, faced Rebel Donuts of Albuquerque, N.M., and won the $10,000 Canadian money prize.
Charles Barrett had our attention when he said the magic word: doughnut. But then his lexicon expanded — including such delights as gold leaf flakes, fresh edible flowers, cayenne cinnamon glaze and Earl Grey tea custard filling — and drooling might have become a problem on our part. The Oakwood resident is growing accustomed to such reactions when he talks about his latest confectionery feat.