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Hair colors trend toward pop of pastel
Women add purples, pinks and blues to their locks
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Nicole Dohm styles Katie White’s hair at Hair Artistry in Gainesville. White has magenta, light pink and peach highlights in her hair, which are considered fantasy colors. White said she choose to add pieces of the fantasy color to her hair instead of dying it all because she likes her blond locks. - photo by J.K. Devine

From highlights to full color, pinks, purples, blues and other rainbow hues are finding their way onto the heads of celebrities, youth and adults alike this summer. These fantasy shades are a 2015 trend.

“Fantasy color is any shade that is not going to occur naturally in the hair,” said Nicole Dohm, stylist at Hair Artistry in Gainesville. “For young people, that includes colors like silver, even though some people have that naturally.”

Pendergrass resident Maggie Ford has had silver hair for more than a year. After high school, she changed her color since she no longer had to comply with school rules.

First, she chose natural colors, such as dark brown or auburn. However, she decided to make a drastic change later.

Ford said she originally intended to bleach her hair to add a fantasy color.

“That was the whole idea with this hair,” the 21-year-old said. “I was going to put mint green in it, but I haven’t yet.”

Ford said she wanted “something different” when she chose silver, but the process was lengthy. The first time she bleached her hair, the results were not ideal.

“It took a couple of hours to get all of the bleach on my hair, and then it turned an orangey, gingery color,” the natural brunette said. “We rushed it and it kind of fried my hair. We had to bleach it again.”

She finally got the results she wanted after a couple months of using toners and other products to keep brassy, yellow colors out of her hair. Ford and her three friends who have silver hair all use a specific shampoo to keep their color shiny and silvery.

“I use a purple shampoo twice a month to keep the brassy tones out,” Ford said, noting the shampoo is from a London-based company called Fudge.

The shampoo adds a hint of blue and lavender to her silvery hair, keeping it in line with the pastel colors she enjoys. Ford plans to add some pastel pink when summer is over.

“It’s bold and different,” she said. “It makes me stand out and makes me a little more confident. I don’t go a day without someone staring at it or saying something about it.”

Ford is among those who apply the fantasy color all over their hair, with coordinating highlights to match. Most people, however, choose just a few pieces of a vibrant color to liven up their look while the rest stays natural.

“A lot of people aren’t comfortable doing their whole head some fantasy color,” Dohm said. “I do a lot of what I call a peekaboo highlight. (It is) where the color does not come directly off the part or in front of the face. It’s more tucked underneath.”

The slightly hidden bits of color allow consumers to incorporate a fun color into their hair and still be natural, or even work in a professional office environment.

Teenagers returning to school in the fall, however, may not be so lucky. The youngsters may encounter dress code violations even with small areas of unnatural color.

“Some kids will get sent home for having ‘unnatural coloring of the hair,’” Dohm said.

For those wishing to have a fantasy color for the summer, though, Dohm emphasized the hues are semi-permanent.

“They will last eight to 10 washes,” she said. “Most of the color, if done now, should be gone by the time school starts.”

The color also will be less vibrant if applied to dark, unlightened hair. If a client wants a more lasting fantasy color, Dohm recommends lightening the portion of the hair to be colored and using a color-safe shampoo.

“A lot of the colors show up better on blonde hair,” she said. “Most people come in and want the color done again because they want it to last longer. You can use certain shampoos and conditioners to help it last longer.”

This summer, most of Dohm’s clients have requested pink or purple shades, but a few have included even more unusual colors.

“Pink has been really hot this year,” she said. “I had a couple of boys come in last year and get blue and green done for the summer. Last week, I did some pastel pink in with some highlights for a client.”

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