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Gainesville woman creates picture-perfect floral designs for weddings and photo shoots
Ginny Early runs her high-end wedding business out of her home
Ginny Early operates a high-end wedding coordinating and floral business out of her Gainesville home.

Enemies of the Average

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Ginny Early believes life should be beautiful and works hard to make sure it is.

Early accomplishes this through her floral, styling and creative design business, Enemies of the Average. Based out of her Gainesville home, she specializes in high-end weddings and editorial photo shoots.

“The flowers are my favorite part, but I think that all of life should be beautiful,” she said.

Early’s affinity for a beautiful life and flowers started with her grandmother, who had a beautiful rose garden.

That memory stuck with Early, who shares that same love by styling wedding flowers and photo shoots to wardrobe and homestyling, too.

“I like to have a hand in all of it,” the 35-year-old said.

Early has been working in the floral industry about five years, freelancing various styling and wedding-related gigs. But she started Enemies of the Average two years ago after she took a floral workshop class.

Early, who had been working as a wedding planner and coordinator as well as doing hair and makeup, took the class because she was unfamiliar with that piece of the business. From there, she was hooked.

“Within 30 minutes of it I was like ‘Yeah, forget everything else. I like the flowers.’ That’s my deal and I haven’t really looked back,” she said.

Finally, the woman who said she’s always been artistic had nailed down her focus. And she already had a name in mind for her business.

The name, which is as unique as the work Early does, comes from a description that Polish opera singer Ganna Walska gave herself.

“(Walska) used to say all the time that she was an enemy of the average,” Early said, noting the singer’s California estate has the largest collection of rare lotus in the world. “I read a biography of her years ago and that phrase has just stuck with me ever since.”

Early said the idea of a business called Enemies of the Average resonated with her and her work ethic.

“I didn’t want to just phone in my work,” she said. “I didn’t want to do just OK. I wanted to do my own highest level of work.”

And when Early sets her mind on a task, she brings her own personal sense of creativity and style to make it as beautiful and unique as possible.

Recently, she styled a not-yet-released marketing video for Abernathy and Cochran Real Estate Group. For the video, she styled a table for a fall dinner party. She said she hand-dyed the table runner, did an autumn-colored floral arrangement and styled the table with fruit, candles, plates and flatware.

“We chose her because of her artistic style and her creativity and her love of all things home,” said Brad Abernathy, a partner at Abernathy and Cochran Real Estate Group in Gainesville.

Abernathy said he met Early years ago when their children attended the same school.

“We crossed paths a few different times in real estate-related business and we couldn’t think of anybody better to do the marketing video about real estate homes and decor than Ginny,” he said.

But Early has not forgotten her roots. She said she has dreams of styling weddings in Europe or around United States. But for now most of her clients’ weddings are in North Georgia or Atlanta.

Therefore, Early focuses on her style, which includes a lot of natural and organic looks with garden-gathered and art-inspired arrangements.

“I really look at whether it’s an arrangement or bouquet or whatever I’m making,” she said. “Each piece is treated like a piece of art.”

She said she lets the flowers “sing,” arranging them to best enhance their beauty. And she doesn’t follow strict recipes, calling for specific numbers of flowers.

Early tries to create floral designs representative of her client, which is important to her. When she works with a bride, Early wants to hear all about the spouses-to-be.

“I like to sit down and have a chat and hear all about them and their fiance,” she said. “Because no matter what style of flowers we do, I want it to be a reflection of the people getting married. I want everything to point toward the love that they have for each other, for that to be the focus.”

She also wants to know the bride’s personal style to highlight her beauty.

Early’s ability to create a design for a woman’s personal style comes in handy when she isn’t catering to a bride. During her downtime, she offers wardrobe makeovers, which involve discarding out-of-date, ill-fitting or unflattering clothing. Then she transforms into a personal shopper for her client. She said she puts together new looks to make her clients feel their best.

All that is at the heart of her business, whether it’s flowers or a person.

“Whether I’m styling or doing flowers or other aspects of the game, doing a wardrobe makeover, that moment when it all comes together ... those moments where you can see in their eyes that the client feels like they’re connected with the way they were made to be is pretty amazing,” she said. “It kind of makes me cry. When someone finally feels like the best version of themselves, it’s an honor to be a part of that.”

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