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Experts advise cleaning bathrooms from top down
The average time to clean a bathroom from top to bottom is about three hours, area cleaning experts said. Cleaning it on a regular basis decreases the time.

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of stories focusing on the best way to tackle the spring-cleaning process.

Bathrooms have the reputation of being the toughest room to clean. But with spring cleaning season upon us, it’s time to get to it.

If they’re not cleaned frequently, it can be a time-

consuming process, said Steven Andrade, co-owner of Fresh Maids in Gainesville.

Andrade said the amount of time it takes to clean a bathroom depends on the size, but on average it takes his team around three hours.

The first step: laundry.

“Doing a deep clean, start by putting shower curtains and floor mats in the laundry,” he said. “Those can be washed while you get the rest of the bathroom.”

Having steps laid out when cleaning the rest of a bathroom is how Leann Praigg, owner of Merry Maids in Gainesville, tackles the chore.

“We have steps to every room we clean,” she said. “The bathroom has the most steps and is the most difficult that we clean.”

Instead of a traditional to-do list, she cleans according to direction.

“Every room we attack, we attack it from top to bottom, left to right, back of the room to the front of the room and return to start,” she said.

This means starting high, by dusting to get down cobwebs. Second up is tidying, she said. Then comes soaking.

“Spray your product on your shower walls, put your product in the commode,” Priagg said. “Then you dust and wipe. That allows time for your products to soak.”

For cleaning the commode, Andrade’s Fresh Maids customers can request products, but he said peroxide is a trade favorite.

“It works as good as bleach,” he said. “The reason we don’t use a lot of bleach is because there are children in homes and that odor is not the best, but it still disinfects.”

Another cleaning secret for dealing with odor is vinegar, he said.

“If there’s a smell in the bathroom, what we’ll do is mix vinegar with lemon juice and pour it down the drains and that helps because vinegar neutralizes smells.”

When products aren’t strong enough, Andrade turns to tools.

“If we have an issue with removing soap scum buildup on glass shower doors, we’ll get a glass scraper,” he said. “You have to have a brand-new blade and you have to be gentle. Otherwise you’ll scratch your glass door. That has to be your

last alternative.”

The products and tools preferred for cleaning bathrooms may vary, but Andrade and Priagg agree time is what is key for cleaning a bathroom.

“A lot of cleaning is letting your products work for you,” Priagg said. “Don’t scrape off what a product can dissolve for you. It requires getting down in the tub and scrubbing and getting down on the floor to get around the base of the toilet, but work smarter, not harder.”

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