Hall authorities working reported drowning near Sunrise Cove Marina
Hall County Fire Services officials have confirmed they are working a reported drowning in the area of Sunrise Cove Marina, near Oakwood.
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Elementary School collects pet products
Children donate items to humane society
Myers Elementary School fourth-graders carry boxes filled with items donated to Humane Society of Northeast Georgia while Director of Education & Volunteer Development Kelley Uber Sterner loads the boxes in a van Tuesday morning. Fourth-graders collected pet supplies, blankets, paper and other items schoolwide to make the donation.

After learning about the needs of the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, fourth-graders at Myers Elementary School took it upon themselves to help out.

Students organized a schoolwide pet supply drive and made commercials for the morning announcements, fliers and talked to everyone they met about the drive.

“I went to every house on my street asking people to donate,” fourth-grader Luke Cardin said.

Fourth-grader Anabelle Etterling said it was “magical” to see what the students were able to collect.

Several boxes packed with everything from food to collars and toys lined the classroom wall.

“I’m so excited everyone was helping to donate,” Anabelle said. “We’re helping the animals at the humane society to get better lives. I was proud of Myers Elementary, so proud.”

Literacy coach Beth McMichael said it was amazing to watch the students come up with plans during the past two weeks to gather the supplies.

“They said ‘We want to do this, we want to help homeless animals in our community,’” McMichael said.

Kelley Uber Sterner, director of education and volunteer development, said it was “pretty remarkable” the students were so inspired for a general shelter presentation she gave a few months ago. She said she was impressed by the scope of items the students collected.

Every little bit helps the human society which does not receive public funding and relies on donations to continue its mission and programs.

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