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Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and Chipotle serve 'secret' menu items
Fried chicken club, cotton candy frappe and quesarito are among the options
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Chick-fil-A serves two items not on its printed menu. First is the fried chicken club, left, which substitutes the chargrilled chicken for a fried piece instead. The second is the “Spicy Char” sandwich, which replaces the charbroiled patty with a spicy version. - photo by HAILEY VAN PARYS


Hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday; Closed on Sunday

Location: 805 Dawsonville Highway NW, Gainesville

Phone number: 770-297-1722




Hours: 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday

Location: 821 Dawsonville Highway, Gainesville

Phone number: 770-287-8824




Hours: 11 a.m to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday

Location: 1134 Dawsonville Highway NW, Gainesville

Phone number: 770-287-0887


Ordering from a restaurant’s secret menu may make a customer feel like a FBI agent.

Through word of mouth and the Internet, numerous restaurant chains have legendary items that are not on the printed menu but are offered, depending on the location. And a few chain restaurants in Gainesville are part of this secret society.

Chick-fil-A on Dawsonville Highway is one of those restaurants with two items on its secret menu.

The first is a fried chicken club, which is a less healthy version on the original chicken club sandwich. If you go, ask the servers to substitute the chargrilled chicken for a fried piece instead.

The sandwich costs $3.59.

The second is the “Spicy Char” sandwich. It is not found as much among Chick-fil-A locations.

“We have it,” said Ran Williams, leader in training at the Gainesville location.

The sandwich itself is the same, but the normal charbroiled patty is replaced with a spicy version. It costs $4.29 in most locations.

Legend has it other Chick-fil-As have blueberry cheesecake milkshakes, buffalo chicken sandwiches, chicken quesadillas and root beer floats. So, it never hurts to ask.

Another Gainesville eatery with a secret menu item is Starbucks. Customers can order a cotton candy frappuccino.

“It’s the only one we are trained to recognize,” Starbucks shift manager Brooke Rice said.

The cotton candy frappe mixes a regular vanilla bean frappe with raspberry syrup. Rice said it’s ordered often and costs $4.23 for a grande size.

The Starbucks location in Buford, however, has serves several secret menu items. The most popular is the Butterbeer recipe. It combines a toffee nut syrup, caramel syrup and a caramel drizzle.

“People order it a couple of times a day, but it’s not as popular as our regular menu items,” said Caleb Lander, a supervisor at the Starbucks off Buford Drive in Buford.

The Butterbeer is actually cheaper than most other frappuccinos at $4.82.

Lander said it is mostly a guessing game for employees, since Starbucks doesn’t train them to make the secret menu items.

For only 64 cents, you can also score a cup of whipped cream, known as a Puppaccino, for your canine companion at the location.

Other secret frappuccinos at the coffee chain include: apple pie, banana cream pie, biscotti, cafe vanilla, cake batter, candy cane, Captain Crunch berry, chocolate-covered strawberry and chocolate cream. Only some locations offer these selections.

Rounding out the restaurants with known secrets is Chipotle off Dawsonville Highway. Customers can order “quesarito,” which is a burrito wrapped up in a cheesy quesadilla. It will cost you an extra $3 to $4, depending on the ingredients in the burrito.

Some locations will wrap the burrito in a one-shell quesadilla, so specify the version you want.

Most of Chipotle’s other secret menu items are not as uncommonly ordered. Extra tortillas, freshly chopped cilantro and extra fillings are things you can order without it necessarily being a secret.

“We also have the big sizes (of quesadillas) for adults,” Chipotle assistant manager Maria Casilla said.

Another option are the nachos. If you order a side of nachos, and ask nicely, most locations will put the chips on the bottom of your bowl.