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Breathe new life into old decorations
Add a little burlap and twine to fix up antique ornaments
Scuffed glass ornaments get new life wrapped in burlap and adorned with “pecorns,” acorn tops glued to pecans. - photo by Michelle Boaen Jameson

Each year, we drag out boxes of worn, beloved ornaments and holiday nick knacks. After sifting through busted bulbs and broken decorations, glue in hand, we hang what’s left with loving care.

Sure, there are items we don’t dare part, with no matter how garish or tacky: the “Baby’s First Christmas” bulb; googly-eyed clothespin reindeer; snowflakes fashioned with pipe cleaner by great-aunt Mildred.

But what about those baubles that have lost their luster? The yearly packing and repacking has knocked the glitter off, and the paint is dull and flaky.

This year’s decor trend makes for an easy fix.

All-natural, organic ornaments have been popular for a few years now. This year, a more rustic look is covering trees and wreaths across Georgia.

Burlap and twine are big hits along with feathers and pine cones.

For old bulbs, use a wide-weave burlap as a wrap. This allows a little of the old ornament to peek through. Cut the burlap into a square and fold over the bulb.

Take a length of twine, or thin ribbon, and tie up the burlap at the top. The loop for the hook should be easily accessible but hidden by the burlap. Adorn with acorns, feathers or leaves.

If you are exceptionally crafty , you can skip the burlap and use the twine to wrap the bulb starting at the top. A little hot glue at the start and finish will keep the twine in place.

Candy canes make for cheap and easy ornaments, but can be made to look rustic, too. Like the bulb, use the twine and start at the bottom of the cane, folding over a half-inch piece to keep it together.

Work all the way up the cane. Careful while wrapping not to apply too much pressure on the cane. I broke three before I finished my first one. Finish with a touch of glue and hang!