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Actor Cameron, musician Barfield come to North Ga. on mission to save marriage
Love Worth Fighting For tour stops Saturday in Watkinsville
Actor Kirk Cameron, left, and musician Warren Barfield are bringing a message of faith to help strengthen marriages to Watkinsville with the Love Worth Fighting For tour.

For anyone who has ever been a fan of actor Kirk Cameron or the movie "Fireproof," this message may be for you.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Cameron and musician Warren Barfield have brought their Love Worth Fighting For event tonight to Watkinsville.

The tour as been all over the nation with more than 65,000 people attending last year. The aim of the effort: Making relationships last with the help of God.

Cameron is a television and film actor and producer noted most recently for his work in the inspiring documentary film "Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure." He is also known for his memorable performance in the film "Fireproof," his roles on the "Left Behind" movies, and as co-host of "The Way of the Master."

The television and movie star draws from experience to give advice, music and humor that he says will benefit people in all stages of life. His passion is to help people live in freedom and grace, fully devoted to faith in Jesus Christ.

"During these Love Worth Fighting For events, we focus on all areas of personal and spiritual relationships and truly seek to help people in all stages of life — from teenagers and single adults, to newly married couples and longtime spouses," said Cameron.

The Times caught up with Cameron for a casual conversation about what he thinks makes this event so important to so many.

"What many don’t realize is that marriage comes with an instruction manual. It’s all right there in the Bible," said Cameron.

Cameron feels strongly that there are things in life worth fighting for.

"There are things in life worth getting beat up over; we believe marriage and family are some of those things," he said.

"There is no more important relationship than that with God and your spouse. Family and marriage are the foundational things your kids will build upon. Those are the things that count most in life."

Barfield has found those things to be his faith, his wife and his belief in love. "These are the things I would die for; things I will wake up every morning and spend my day fighting for."

The former child star of the sitcom "Growing Pains," Cameron says living in Hollywood has been a real challenge, but his faith has kept his marriage of 21 years to wife, Chelsea, strong.

"We’ve been together more than 20 years, which in Hollywood is like 200," he said jokingly.

But Cameron, who has six children of his own with Chelsea, feels so passionately about strengthening family because he has personally seen so many marriages crumble.

"We’ve had so many friends whose marriages are falling apart and they are losing their kids to a culture that is moving further away (from) what we want for our kids.

"In the Bible there are wonderful, helpful things that tell us how to make (marriage) strong and people have no idea that an instruction book is there. During the tour, we talk a lot from personal experience, from a lot of water under the bridge in our own marriages."

Cameron admits he and his wife struggle with many of the same issues that most couples do.

"Much of the same stuff — selfishness, unforgivingness. Someone once said to me when it comes to relationships, you either get better or get bitter. You have to remind yourself of the principles that make marriage work."

And current entertainment only adds to the struggles, he says. Media keeps us self-involved at times, and there are a lot of bad relationship examples out there on television and in the movies.

"I can imagine all the wives reading this picturing their husbands watching football 20 hours a week. That’s why as an actor, I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in events that build up family and marriages."

Cameron worked with Barfield on the "Fireproof" movie. Barfield did most of the soundtrack.

"(Barfield) is a phenomenal guitar player and singer. He’s going to be playing songs on stage, and he’s really a hilarious comedian," said Cameron.

Cameron said the tour is kind of like the movie live on stage.

"We have been doing the tour for four years. We started after ‘Fireproof’ came out; really it is the ‘Fireproof’ movie turned into a live event. We want to show you how to fireproof your marriage."

What advice does Cameron have for the lovelorn on Valentine’s Day?

"Come to the event. So many people come because they are struggling. They never learned how to lay a foundation. If you are not married, you can learn principles that will help you when Mr. or Mrs. Right shows up. You won’t fall into the same traps that others have."

The Watkinsville event will take place at 6 p.m. today at Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Watkinsville.

The tour will be making more than 30 stops across the country including events in Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Tickets range from $20 to $35 each and are available as reserved seats or general admission.

For more information about Feed Your Faith’s Love Worth Fighting For tour featuring Cameron and Barfield, or to order tickets, visit

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