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Let your color kick it up a notch
Warm up your home this winter with bright, bold choices
0212COORSitting Room Violetta
A living room painted in Violetta.

Even though it is still winter outside, adding some trendy colors to your home’s interior can warm things up from the inside out.

And some color experts say the time is right to go bold.

Benjamin Moore has released their color predictions for this year and hues of green, orange, blue and purple are on the horizon for interior paint colors.

Cedar Green is the “it” color this year, according to a Benjamin Moore release. Another 18 colors will play a role in interior decorating like Midnight Navy, Claret Rose, Pale Celery, a light orange August Morning, Violetta and Blueberry, among others.

Leslie Harrington, director of the Color Association of the United States, a color trend forecasting company, said there are a couple a big trends this year as far as interior colors.

“I would say that one of things we are seeing as a new dark neutral are lots of purple-based colors like eggplant and blueberry, and we have one called pansy and cornflower,” Harrington said. “So what they do is they aren’t quite brown, they aren’t quite black, they aren’t quite navy but they have that look of a dark neutral with adding a little more interest.

“What we are looking for from our colors is for them to be interesting, so even if they are neutrals you can have something more interesting than beige.”

Added Mark Woodman, an interior designer in Laurel, Md., who is on the board of directors with the Color Marketing group, agreed that purples are huge in 2010.

“Our color for the year, one we are calling Mardi Grape because it is a fun, fresh, vibrant purple,” he said. “It is celebratory and kind of crosses all kinds of lines.”

And Elizabeth Thompson, a Gainesville interior designer, noted that locally neutrals are still holding strong.

“I would say lots of neutral, like tans, linen, creamy colors, actually a lot of gray,” she said. “Not so much the blue and brown anymore. And if it is, it’s much lighter shades of the chocolate, like a light tan. I just would say light in general are the color trends that I’ve seen.”

Thompson added that she thinks the trends are neutral because of the economy.

“Nobody is really going to do anything too bold or crazy,” she said. “They are wanting to stay neutral so it will last for a while and maybe spruce things up with small bits of color in pillows or accessories.”

Another trend is that homeowners are starting to paint accent walls again.

“I think one of the reasons for that is because if you are using punchy colors in a room it’s not like you can paint the entire room in teal,” Harrington said. “Let me say, not too many people are daring enough, I would do it but the average person probably wouldn’t do it. The old standby is the throw cushion but I think people are getting more adventuresome and maybe doing a nice area carpet ... maybe a bowl or a glass, some of the art pieces that we might put on our coffee table.”

Bright colors bring a sense of happiness to the home, Woodman said.

“There’s a lot of pop, reds, oranges and yellows,” Woodman said. “There’s warmth to them, high energy to them, they make you happy when times are bad.”

Teal also is a good go-to color for bright pops of color around your home.

“I think home and fashion are very much aligned right now,” she said. “So go look in your wardrobe and see what you are comfortable with.”

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