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Looking for a beer that’s bold and smooth? Say hey, Jude
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Reformation Brewery's Jude offers a bold Belgian-style tripel with notes of citrus, wheat and cloves . - photo by Kelsey Podo

I knew I would like Reformation Brewery’s Jude before I opened the can.

Maybe it’s the unyielding bias I have for Belgian-style beers or just the fact that I’ve never tasted a bad tripel. 

Jude not only met my already high expectations, it did something I crave with most beers — it surprised me. 

When I drink tripels, I expect a malty and slightly boozy beer with notes of banana, wheat and maybe a hint of cloves. Don’t get me wrong, I adore tripels, but sometimes the banana note can sing a little too loudly, and I find myself having difficulty finishing a pint. 

For those unfamiliar with the style, it is usually medium-bodied, golden-hued and ranges from 7.5%-9.5% alcohol by volume. It’s definitely the sort of beer you’d want to have at the end of the day after dinner. Despite their high alcohol content, tripels are typically easy to drink. So, be warned. These are insidiously strong. 


Brewery: Reformation Brewery

Alcohol by volume: 9.2%

Style: Belgian-style tripel

Bottom line: A wonderfully crisp representation of the style

When trying Reformation’s Jude, I noticed that it didn’t lean heavily on bananas, instead it embraced a delightful acidity with notes of cloves, citrus and apricot. The tripel offered a dry smooth finish with lingering wheaty characteristics. 

This beer didn’t prove as easy-drinking as expected, but I take that as a blessing. It felt almost hefty going down, and I could taste the alcohol content.

Jude is a lovely representation of a tripel, one that I plan to invite back into my beer fridge. 

The tripel’s scrumptiousness also caught the attention of the Best Craft Beer Awards, earning a bronze medal in 2018 for the category of “Belgian-style tripel or pale strong ale.”

If you’re wanting to give this beautiful brew a try, you can pick up a six-pack at Green’s Grocery, located at 971 Riverside Drive in Gainesville. 

For more information about Reformation and its tasty beers, visit