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Let’s face it, Truly is better than White Claw
12222019 BEER 1
Truly's blueberry acai hard seltzer. - photo by Nick Bowman

Let’s cut to the chase: Truly Hard Seltzer is significantly better than White Claw Hard Seltzer.

Throw tomatoes at me all you want, but Truly has truly been evolving since it released its core lineup.

Truly Hard Seltzer

Alcohol by volume: 5%

Style: Fruity hard seltzer

Bottom line: A game changer for casual drinkers

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out, but it’s safe to say that I’ve finally pushed down my craft beer pride and given hard seltzer a chance. 

Instead of White Claw’s whisper of flavors, Truly packs a punch. 

Anyone who has read my column knows that beer will always be my No. 1 drink of choice, but after drinking Truly, I feel a little confused — just a little. 

I had the opportunity to try Truly’s original core flavors versus its updated flavors. 

When I got the package from Truly in the mail, I thought, “I bet they’re messing with me and they didn’t actually improve the flavors.”

Boy was I wrong and thank goodness for that because some of those originals were unpleasant-going-on-gross. 

What amazed me was how different the original flavors were compared to the new ones.

Let’s take black cherry for example. 

I popped open the original one and automatically cringed as the scent of cherry cough syrup wafted into the room. And yes, it tasted exactly how it smelled. I couldn’t stomach it and dramatically spit it out in the sink.

The revamped flavor proved the complete opposite. It tasted like a cherry Jolly Rancher, which was a vast improvement from the original. I actually enjoyed it and didn’t detect a medicinal aftertaste. 

The flavors were so drastically different, and I applaud Truly for the obvious effort. 

Other improved flavors include wild berry, mango and blueberry and acai. 

With these three they elevated the fruitiness, making the drink less of hard seltzer with a hint of fruit, to a hard seltzer with a purpose.

I tried hard to pick a favorite and decided to call a draw between wild berry and the blueberry and acai version. 

The original wild berry resembled the flavor you get from the red Flintstones vitamins. Although I enjoyed taking a trip back to my childhood, I wasn’t a big fan. The newer version tasted like biting into a raspberry jelly-filled doughnut. 10/10 would drink again. 

The original blueberry and acai offered barely a whisper of flavor, letting the carbonated water take on the strongest note. 

The revamped version was delightful. It’s slightly stronger in flavor and smooth going down. 

For anyone who hasn’t trodden down the path of hard seltzer, heed my warning. It’s nearly impossible to detect the alcohol. It’s not insidiously strong like barley wine, but it takes little effort to continue knocking back these 100-calorie drinks. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed trying Truly’s core lineup. For anyone tired of hard seltzer that shies away from flavor, give Truly a go. 

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