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Embrace felines with Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.
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Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.'s Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission IPA. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Anyone who truly knows me, wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I snatched up a beer with the word “cat” in it. 

I like to call myself a professional cat lady. As I’m writing this column, I have a cat purring in my lap, one glaring at me from a corner and another hovering over my computer to inspect my work.

Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission

Brewery: Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. 

Alcohol by volume: 7.9%

Style: New England-style double IPA

Bottom line: Soft with an orange golden body, like my fat orange cat.

For my 26 years of life, I’ve probably breathed in enough cat hair to make a dozen or so felines. Before we started dating, I told my animal fur-allergic husband that not living with cats was a deal breaker. He graciously took Zyrtec, and hasn’t complained about it for the four years we’ve been together. We now live with three cats.

And if you’re wondering, yes, the cat in the photo above is mine. 

OK, I’m done beefing up my cat lady status. 

Let’s talk about this beautiful beer made by Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. I try to stick to featuring Georgia brews, but I had to make an exception for this East Hampton, Connecticut, cat-centric brewery. 

The beer is called, Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission. It pours with a soft hazy, golden orange body, just like my fat orange cat, Fety. 

When I think of a good New England-style IPA, I imagine a smooth juicy beer, less bitey than it’s West Coast cousin. Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.’s beer checked off all the marks with this one.

Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission offers a slightly sweet, smooth-as-silk beer, elevated with passionfruit and pineapple acidic notes. It also has a bit of a fresh bread flavor, similar to the aftertaste you’d get from a Berliner Weisse.

All cat biases aside, it’s a wonderfully smooth and vibrant beer. 

Although Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. is a small, seasonal brewery –– open from April through December –– you can still find their beer in bottle shops around Georgia, including Downtown Drafts in Gainesville. 

The one I tried was a part of its large batch beer made through the Twelve Percent Beer Project. This partnership allows the small-scale brewery to have their beer brewed at larger breweries, then distributed by Twelve Percent Beer Project.

Although Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission is 100% a Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. original, it’s brewed and canned by Dorchester Brewing Co. in Boston.

For more information about Fat Orange Cat Brew Co., visit