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Column: Stop what you’re doing and try this hard seltzer
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Untitled Art's hard seltzer doesn't shy away embracing bold fruit flavors. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Hard seltzer doesn’t have to taste like soda water with only a whisper of flavor. 

I’m looking at you, White Claw. 

This style of alcoholic beverage can sing as loudly and vibrantly as a fruited craft beer.

When I reluctantly dove into the world of hard seltzer, which has continued to trickle into beer aisle territory, I was met with a bit of disappointment. For years craft beer has offered bold notes of nearly every flavor under the sun. If you’ve read my column, you’ll know that I’m not exaggerating. I’ve tried brews with fish notes, cheesy nuances — you name it.  And, until recently, I found hard seltzer downright boring and just, you know, blah. 

Untitled Art Hard Seltzer

Strawberry Kiwi: 5% alcohol by volume, 115 calories

Pineapple Mango: 5% alcohol by volume, 120 calories

Raspberry Lime: 5% alcohol by volume: 115 calories

Each time I’ve visited Downtown Drafts, I’ve noticed the fruit-printed cans from Untitled Art and heard one or more comments about how “amazing” they are. Normally I like to write about Georgia-brewed beer, but I had to make an exception with this Waunakee, Wisconsin, hard seltzer.

And I’m glad I did. 

I admit, I’ve hit a bit of a lull with craft beer, cider, hard seltzer and other types of brews. Sometimes I just feel uninspired. Thankfully, the spark has come back.

I can say without an ounce of doubt that Untitled Arts’ hard seltzer is the best hard seltzer I’ve tried in my life. You can call me dramatic, but I’m not exaggerating. 

I opted for three different types of the drink: pineapple mango, strawberry kiwi and raspberry lime. 

I started with the strawberry kiwi, remembering how this flavor combination was my favorite as a kid when I’d spend summers downing Capri Suns like it was my job. 

When I drink strawberry beverages, I always look out for that bit of “strawberry umph.” You know what I’m talking about — that freshness and hint of acidity that is undeniably strawberry. I’m happy to say this drink not only brought the umph, it also revived my faith in hard seltzer. 

The pineapple mango version surprised me with its mango-forwardness. Usually pineapple likes to be the star of the show when mixed with other fruit. However, the two tangoed beautifully to offer a wonderfully bright beverage. 

While the first two were smooth-as-silk, the raspberry lime hard seltzer delivered a pleasant wave of acidic notes. If I were to close my eyes, I’d be hard-pressed to distinguish this from a sour beer. 

Unlike beer, which can sneak in a lot of calories, this hard seltzer comes in at 115-120 calories per can. After drinking two of these bad boys, I didn’t question my life choices. 

If you find yourself near the square, I implore you to pick up a mixed-and-matched pack of Untitled Art’s hard seltzer at Downtown Drafts