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Column: Looking for bold? Here are 2 holy brews that deliver
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Bold Monk Brewing Co.'s Indominus quadrupel and The Way triple form a powerful duo worthy of Trappist monks. - photo by Kelsey Podo

When I first dove into the beer world, my dad gave me one piece of advice: If you find a beer with a monk on it, it’s usually good. 

Years later, and his nearly fool-proof tip has held true. 

As I’ve expanded my inventory of beer knowledge, I soon realized that he gave me an easy way to detect Belgian and German beer. When I’m tired of sours, IPAs and other American-style beer, I know I can count on Trappist monk-inspired brews like dubbels and tripels to quench my craft beer thirst.

That’s how I felt recently as I stumbled out of my quarantine stupor to hunt for a beer at the local growler store. 

I barely scanned the to-go table before I landed on the bright red letters that said, “Bold Monk.” Paired with imagery of what looks like an archangel and a saint, I didn’t hesitate before grabbing Bold Monk Brewing’s The Way triple and Indominus quadrupel. 

The Way 

Brewery: Bold Monk Brewing Co.

Alcohol by volume: 8.8%

Style: Triple ale (Tripel)

Bottom line: Crisp with strong apricot note


Brewery: Bold Monk Brewing Co.

Alcohol by volume: 9.7%

Style: Quadrupel 

Bottom line: A holy, full-bodied brew worthy of Trappist monks

These holy brews lived up to my expectations, reminding me of Chimay Brewery’s creations, which is one of a few breweries in the world to produce Trappist beer.

To be dubbed authentic Trappist ale, the beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery under the supervision and responsibility of the monastic community, according to Chimay’s website

The two brews I tried from the Atlanta-based brewery, Bold Monk, are nothing short of bold. 

Arriving at 9.7% alcohol by volume, the dark quadrupel flaunts notes of dark chocolate, bourbon and caramel. Despite its boozy nature, it went down smoothly. 

Before you down a glass of Indominus quadrupel, make sure to eat something. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer, but I found myself taken by surprise as I went out for my evening stroll, just seconds after finishing it. Let’s just say I greeted my neighbors with more enthusiasm than usual.

The Way triple, which reaches just a little under its brother at 8.8% ABV, offers a beautifully bright and acidic brew with a slight bite of bitterness on the backend. 

I tasted a sharp apricot flavor and a bit of banana and bubblegum like you’d typically find in a hefeweizen. 

If you’re looking for two brews that don’t shy away from flavor, but still offer a smooth malty experience, pick up a pack of the Indominus quadrupel or The Way triple. 

Bold Monk is one of Georgia’s newest breweries, having opened up in December 2019. You can find its creations in beer shops around Atlanta or by visiting the brewery at 1737 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW in Atlanta.

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