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Column: It’s time for you to try liquid fruit gummies
08222020 BEER.jpg
Belch's from Pontoon Brewing offers a mouth-puckering beer brewed with fruit gummy snacks. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Drinking Belch’s from Pontoon Brewing is like grabbing a handful of fruit gummies sprinkled with citric acid powder and shoving them into your mouth.  

It’s magical.  

This is the sort of beer you drink for the experience and novelty. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drink a beer that pays homage to a favorite children’s fruit snack?  

Honestly, as soon as I saw the Welch’s reminiscent logo, I picked up the beer, not caring what it tasted like or what style it embraced. I just knew that I needed to have it.  

Upon first sip, the brew engulfed my tastebuds with an explosion of mouth-puckering tartness. However, like most beer, the more I drank it, the easier it went down and more pleasurable it became.  

Splashes of orange, grape and pineapple came to the surface, without taking on a fruit punch flavor. Belch’s transitioned from a beer that I consumed for the fun of it, to something I could find myself drinking again.  

Shannon Riley, marketing manager of Pontoon Brewing, which is based in Sandy Springs, said the brew team had created so many combinations of fruited sour beer, that they started running out of ideas. After tapping into a new strain of creativity, Belch’s was born.  

“We’ve been wanting to do something with fruit snacks,” Riley said. “We do a lot of parody and pop culture references in our beers and names. Belch’s was a play on fruit snacks.” 


Brewery: Pontoon Brewing 

Alcohol by volume: 7% 

Style: Berliner Weisse 

Bottom line: Fruit gummy taste for adults 

Riley said Pontoon Brewing’s team spent an entire morning tearing through individual fruit gummy packages to incorporate into the sour beer. Riley said the gummies were added during the boil process of the brew. 

“The entire taproom smelled like fruit snacks,” she said.  

When Pontoon Brewing released its beer three weeks ago, let’s just say the flood gates opened. Within two minutes of putting 70 cases of beer — which equates to around 1,680 16-ounce cans — online for a prerelease, Riley said Belch’s sold out. Luckily, it’s still available in beer shops around Georgia, including Downtown Drafts, located on the square in Gainesville. 

The beer is a one-time release, so grab it while you can.  

For more information about Belch’s and other beer from Pontoon Brewing, visit The brewery is located at 8601 Dunwoody Place, building 500 in Sandy Springs.