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Column: If the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells could have a flavor, Delirium Noël would be it.
Look for the pink elephant this Christmas
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Delirium Noël sings delicious notes of malt and caramel. - photo by Kelsey Podo

If you ever find yourself hesitant about choosing a beer for yourself, family members or your beer snob friend, look for the pink elephant. 

This adorable animal can usually be found at grocery stores with a decent beer section or hiding in one of your local beer shops. They’re printed on light gray bottles of Delirium series beer from Huyghe Brewery — founded in 1906 in Melle, Belgium.

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Whether you pick up a Delirium Tremens, Red or Nocturnum, you’re always in good hands. 

You know how I converted my wine-loving mother to the dark side? I gave her Delirium Red, a fruit-forward and deliciously bold sour. Before, she turned her nose up to beer and thought it all tasted the same. But, alas, the pink elephant worked its magic. 

I admit, I haven't tried all of the beer in the series, but I haven’t been let down yet. 

When scanning my local beer aisle this month, I saw the pink elephant, but instead of its usual nude attire, the animal was wearing a Santa hat and candy cane scarf. How adorable. 

I had planned to give my mom this beer as a Christmas gift, but, for the sake of the column, she’ll have to wait a little longer. Sorry, Mom. I promise you’ll receive a better present for Christmas.

If the sound of Santa’s sleigh bells could have a flavor, Delirium Noël would be it. 

The Belgian strong dark ale sings lovely notes of caramel and malt. It’s the sort of beer I’d imagine drinking while cozied up near a fireplace. It makes you want to close your eyes and sigh.

Delirium Noël offers a silky texture and finishes ridiculously smooth. 

You don’t have to take more than a sip to recognize the craftsmanship and utter scrumptiousness of this beer. It’s bold, but not overpowering, and malty without engulfing your taste buds with sugar.

If you ever see a pink elephant printed on a beer bottle, I implore you to buy it. You may just discover your next go-to brew. 

Delirium Noël

Brewery: Huyghe Brewery

Alcohol by volume: 10%

Style: Belgian strong dark ale

Bottom line: Smooth as Santa’s sleigh bells

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