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All You Get is All You Get from Orpheus Brewing
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Orpheus Brewing's All You Get is All You Get. - photo by Kelsey Podo

Sure, Orpheus Brewing knows how to funk, hashing out beer after beer of sour scrumptiousness.

But, let’s talk about another thing they do well — tying their brews to mythology. 

All You Get Is All You Get

Brewery: Orpheus Brewing

Alcohol by volume: 5%

Style: Sour beer

Bottom line: A smooth, slightly sweet sour

It doesn’t take more than looking at the brewery’s name and motto to see its connection to legends. 

Jason Pellett, president and brewmaster of Orpheus Brewing, said when he was naming the brewery, the song “Black Orpheus” kept coming to mind. He didn’t know the mythology of Orpheus at the time, but when he started digging into it, one line stuck out with him, “Don’t look back.”

The particular legend tells the story of Orpheus going to the Underworld to retrieve his wife, Eurydice, who died after being bitten by a snake.

Hades told Orpheus that he could take Eurydice back, under one condition — He had to walk out of the caves of the Underworld and not look back until he reached the light. Orpheus was tasked with trusting Hades, who said Eurydice would follow him while walking out.

Not hearing Eurydice’s footsteps behind him and fearing that Hades had fooled him, Orpheus looked back. 

Sure enough, Eurydice was there, but Hades then took her back to live in the Underworld for eternity. 

“Don’t look back, that’s what Orpheus (Brewing) is,” Pellett said. 

The hazy sour beer, All You Get Is All You Get, expands on the story. 

“There is something in there that implies that Orpheus had a chance,” Pellett said. “He is basically set up, but never had a chance. It was just an illusion. Sometimes you lose something and you start telling yourself, ‘If I do something different or if I go to bed and wake up, they’ll be there.’ But, sometimes, all you get is all you get.”

The art on the beer’s can shows two hands grasping for one another, but they’re just barely out of reach. 

Laura Vela, an Atlanta-based artist, created the design for the can. Pellett said he had been following her work for a long time, and knew the art for All You Get Is All You Get would mesh well with her abstract style. 

The hazy sour was released in May 2019 for the brewery’s anniversary. After tasting the beer, Pellett decided it was worthy of staying on year-round. 

“It’s a nice balance for us,” Pellett said. “I just love the stone fruit and raspberry character we get from the mother (yeast culture). The way we brew it, it leaves a little sweetness behind.”

For all of the brewery’s canned sour beers, Pellett said they use a spontaneous culture that they’ve been repitching batch to batch for over five years rather than buying new yeast for each batch.

Pellett said the brewery had never used the “mother” yeast without adding fruit or extra hops to the beer. What makes All You Get Is All You Get special, is the fact that it embraces the character of the mother by not bringing in those extra elements. 

“It’s a fairly fruity beer and all of that character is from our fermentation,” Pellett said. 

Unlike many sours, this brew isn’t mouth-puckering. 

It’s surprisingly easy-drinking, which is probably due to its slight sweetness. 

I’m a huge fan of funky beer, and this one brings the delicious funk without offending my non-funk loving friends. 

I know this because it was quickly drained out of my fridge by those who regularly say, ‘I don’t do sours.’ I had to buy a second pack because I didn’t get the time to enjoy the beer. 

To all of you sour-haters, give this beer a try. It may be your gateway sour. 

Luckily, this is one of Orpheus Brewing’s new core beers, so you’ll have all the time in the world to find All You Get Is All You Get. 

For more information about the beer, visit Orpheus Brewing is located at 1440 Dutch Valley Place NE in Atlanta. 

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