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Hungry for a hot dog? Forget run-of-the-mill condiments.
Instead, think slaw, sauerkraut and nacho cheese.
The Nasty Dog at Georgia Dog in Buford is a spicy hot dog piled with sauerkraut, nacho cheese, jalapeños, chili, onions, relish, coleslaw, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

Georgia Dog
4360 Friendship Road, Buford
Contact: 770-904-4748


BUFORD — It's summer, which means weekends are filled with swimming, picnics and that ubiquitous summer food: hot dogs.

But before you go topping that Saturday afternoon dog with something tame, like ketchup or relish, take some inspiration from the Nasty Dog.

It's a concoction created by Glenn and Susan Pirkle, who brainstormed the dish with some help from their kids - and a lot of condiments.

The Nasty Dog, one of the hot dog-inspired items on the menu at the couple's Buford eatery, is topped with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or special sauce (a mixture of all three), onions, relish, slaw, chili, kraut, jalapeños and nacho cheese.

"We have people that just love them," said Susan, who co-owns Georgia Dog with her husband and said her personal favorite choices for toppings are mustard, ketchup, onions and slaw. "The slaw and chili are homemade ... everything is made simple."

The slaw that tops the Nasty Dog is made fresh, without sugar, so the cabbage and mayonnaise flavors come shining through.

"My daddy tries to get me to put it (sugar) in, but it's just simple, I keep everything simple," Susan said.

The chili is made without beans, in keeping with the simple theme.

And then there's the nacho cheese.

Susan's daughters chose that, she said.

"The nacho cheese also goes good with the fries, and you can have chili cheese fries," Susan said.

Underneath the layers of flavors, Glenn pointed out, isn't your ordinary hot dog.

Rather, it's a McEvers Hot Dawg, a spicy version of the traditional hog dog, made with cayenne pepper.

"We had never seen it anywhere else," Glenn Pirkle said. The hot dogs are distributed locally.

But if you aren't in the mood for all the flavors topped on a Nasty Dog, there are other less-adventurous flavor combinations.

"Sometimes we have requests," Susan said. "Some people will say they really like them grilled, so we do it grilled. And then my son-in-law, sometimes he'll say, ‘Mama, I want a deep fried, bacon-wrapped' and we'll fix that. I've had requests for Chicago dogs, and I bought celery salt."