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Honor your team with bold color choices
Officially licensed paint lets superfans show their stripes in any room of the house
Glidden Paints doesn't offer licensed colors for Major League Baseball teams. That likely won't stop Braves fan Ken Silvers, who has plans to paint the names of Braves greats on his driveway. - photo by John Bazemore
Team Colors: Find your favorite teams' official paint colors.

For a certain breed of sports fanatics, a team-colored room is the pinnacle of team spirit.

Now, they can cover their walls in their team's color, too, thanks to special team colors available through paint manufacturers.

Jane Morris, interior designer and president of The Great Cover-Up in Gainesville, said she thinks a team-inspired room can be a lot of fun for sports fanatics.

"People that are fanatics about anything like that, they truly enjoy it," she said. "The average person would get tired of it, but a true fan, they are sticking by their team."

Ken Silvers, a fanatic for the Atlanta Braves for 30 years, agreed.

"I think it is great. ... We should show solidarity in our support for our team," he said.

Morris added that team colors can work for not just a "man cave" or sports-themed bonus room, but it can work for a kid's room too.

"A lot of children's room are done that way. ... I would say, when they do the basement play space or game room, a lot of times they will go with a theme," Morris said. "They do make (team) borders, fabrics, bedspreads for all the licensed teams. So, a lot of people will buy that and then you want to match the colors to what you get."

The Home Depot and Glidden Paints teamed up in 2007 to offer licensed colors for NASCAR, NFL, MLS, NBA, NHL, Women's National Basketball Association, college and university sports teams and U.S. Olympic team colors.

"It's been overwhelmingly successful, and I think the primary reason for that is because it is something that is unique," said Steven Frye, brand manager for Akzo Nobel Paints. "It's probably something that has always been thought of and used, but there was no easy way to find a comprehensive overview of so many different leagues and teams already matched for the consumer."

The most popular team colors, Frye said, are those of the Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State University. The University of Georgia and the Pittsburgh Steelers are always at the top of the popularity list, too.

Frye said he thought the team colors have been so popular because sports fans are so loyal.

"They are going to do anything they have to do to support their team," he said. "So basically what we have done with Glidden is make it that much easier for them to get (paint) ... licensed by the leagues and teams."

Silvers is a prime example of fan loyalty. The Gillsville resident has been a Braves fan for 30 years and said he would love to create a Braves theme throughout his home.

There are plans to honor the Braves outside.

"I am, however, wanting to paint the driveway with the numbers and names of great Braves, past and present," he said. "Smoltz, Maddox, Glavine, Nixon, the Lemmer, Chipper, Frenchy and Bobby Cox. Our driveway is probably about 100 feet long. ... That is definitely the plan."

The licensed MLB colors are not offered by Glidden, but the company still dishes out inspiration for baseball fans.

"I'm jealous of those that can paint their walls in Braves colors, as they have an understanding wife or one that is just as fanatical as they are," said Jeremy Frazier, Braves fan and Gainesville resident. "Now if only I could work in a Chief Knockahoma teepee into the bonus room."

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