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Sheriffs Academy elects 2013 Officer of the Year
The Hall County Sheriff’s Citizens Academy awarded its 2013 Officer of the Year to Deputy Chance Brown, second from right. Other nominees included, from left, Deputy George Knapp, Investigator Jeremy Grindle, Sheriff Gerald Couch (who was not nominated) and Deputy John Morgan.

In a Nov. 7 ceremony, the Hall County Sheriff’s Citizens Academy selected its sixth annual Officer of the Year from among four outstanding choices.

Earning the honor was Deputy Chance Brown. Other nominees included Investigator Jeremy Grindle, Deputy George Knapp and Deputy John Morgan.

Deputy Brown was involved in two separate incidents that put him harm’s way. The situations also tested his observation and pursuit skills, his calm demeanor under pressure and his determination to use the minimum force necessary to control the situation by using his Taser instead of deadly force.

Investigator Grindle was instrumental in stopping a crime spree that extended through several adjoining counties. As a result of his investigative skills, more than 80 warrants were issued and hundreds of items were returned to their rightful owners.

Deputy “Chief” Knapp has more than 40 years in law enforcement and is the calm voice of professionalism among his peers. Those who have ridden with him when he delivered court papers cannot help but to be struck with his compassion. He is the soul of compassion with all those it is his duty to serve.

Deputy Morgan should be thanked by every citizen in Hall County by avoiding the costly expenses in electronics repair and installation by accomplishing the repair or installation himself. He does this willingly and without prompting from anyone. He does not even have to be asked to do it, and does it in addition to his regularly assigned duties.

A five-person committee selected Deputy Brown as the 2013 Officer of the Year in a ceremony witnessed by Sheriff Gerald Couch and key members of his staff, including the Chain-of-Command of each officer nominated and families of the nominated officers.

In a small ceremony before the award, the Citizens Academy presented Sheriff Couch with a $500 check to kick-off the Sheriff’s Christmas Bicycle Program.