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Northeast Georgia Writers hands out annual awards
The Northeast Georgia Writers had their 39th annual awards banquet May 1 at the Gainesville Elks Lodge. Attending were, from left: standing, Lynda Holmes, Florence Bullis, Louis Gibbs, Bonnie Unnold, Charlene DeWitt, Sybil Barker, Ruthanna Kilpatrick-Bass, Erika Jantzen-Pitonyak, Lyn Froehlich, Marianne Scott, Marsha Hopkins and Judy Jones; sitting, Mildred Greear, William Thomas Nichols, Jeanne Hozak and Rosemary Harris-Mallinson.

The Northeast Georgia Writers announced winners of the annual writing contests at the 39th annual awards banquet May 1 at the Gainesville Elks Lodge.

Marsha Hopkins delivered a memorial tribute honoring Gloria Stargel. Keynote speaker and author Mildred Greear gave a presentation of “Looking Back, Looking Forward.”

Judges for the annual contest included Harold “Buzz” Bernard, author of “Eyewall and Plague;” Mildred Greear, author of “Moving Gone Dancing” and “Lullaby for Mary;” Emory Jones, author of “Experience Northeast Georgia” with guidebook and CDs; Jeff Marker, head of Communication, Media, & Journalism Department at the University of North Georgia, Gainesville; Michelle Roper, author of the “Scions of Shadow” trilogy; and Steven Shields, author of “Valentines for Many People” and instructor at the University of North Georgia, Gainesville and Cumming.

Jeanne Hozak, assistant director for adult services, Hall County Library presented the following awards:

Assigned subject: First, Rosemary Harris-Mallinson; Second, Lynda Holmes; Third, Bonnie Unnold.

Poetry: First, Charlene DeWitt; Second, Bonnie Unnold; Third, Sybil Barker.

Poetry chapbook: First, Lynda Holmes; Second, Rosemary Harris-Mallinson; Third, Ruthanna Kilpatrick-Bass.

Nonfiction article: First, Diann Rountree; Second, Bonnie Unnold; Third, Lynda Holmes.

Short story: First, Bonnie Unnold; Second, Lyn Froehlich; Third, Florence Bullis.

Children’s story: First, Charlene DeWitt; Second, Sybil Barker; Third, Marsha Hopkins.

Song lyrics: First, Ruthanna Kilpatrick-Bass; Second, Bonnie Unnold; Third, Marsha Hopkins.

Life story: First, Rosemary Harris-Mallinson; Second, Bonnie Unnold; Third, Marianne Scott.

Drama: First, Bonnie Unnold; Second, Ruthanna Kilpatrick-Bass; Third, Rosemary Harris-Mallinson.

Novel: First, Erika Jantzen-Pitonyak; Second, Charlene DeWitt; Third, Louis Gibbs.

Snoopy Writer of the Year: William Thomas Nichols.

Woodstock appreciated worker: Lynda Holmes

Membership in Northeast Georgia Writers is open to anyone interested in writing. Visit for information.

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