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Good news
Amelia Brock, left, Miss Georgia Preteen National Teenager, stands with Savannah Bradford of Dacula, Miss Georgia Junior National Teenager, and Stephanie Burkholder of Marietta, Miss Georgia National Teenager.

Amelia Brock of Gainesville was named Miss Georgia Preteen National Teenager in the 39th annual Miss Georgia National Teenager Scholarship pageant on March 15 in Marietta.

The Plum Creek Foundation recently awarded $2,500 to the Gainesville State College Foundation for the school's "Smart Technology Project" on the College's Oconee Campus.

Overall, Gainesville State College has seen a 153 percent enrollment increase since 2000. More specifically, the Oconee Campus has experienced an 865 percent increase over that same time period. The Smart Technology Project equips the campus with technology resources for teaching and student support. The Smart Technology Project will create computing, tutoring and testing center and enhance classrooms, multipurpose buildings and library equipment.

The mission of the Plum Creek Foundation is to provide philanthropic contributions to support and improve the general welfare of life in the communities that Plum Creek serves.

More than 200 area students participated in the 35th annual North Gainesville Music Festival recently held at Brenau University.

From the 154 superior ratings awarded, the highest honor went to Abigail Chetta, daughter of Marc and Helen Chetta of Clarkesville and piano student of Keith Jefcoat. The home-schooled 11th-grader was awarded a special national honor certificate for receiving superior ratings in piano solo for 10 consecutive years.

  • Caitlin Cosper, student of Josephine Cosper, Conor Monaghan and Keith Jefcoat, received a nine-year certificate.
  • An eight-year certificate was given to Abby Cooley, student of You Ju Lee.
  • Logan Brown, student of Beth Lawrence, received a seven-year certificate.
  • A six-year certificate was awarded to Benjamin Jobson, student of Keith Jefcoat.
  • Other piano students receiving national certificates for superior ratings this year were: Carlee Cosper, Amelia Brock, Nolen Bryant, Amanda Guasti-Nugent, Sarah Hastings, Halle Hughes, Kaleigh Hughes, Mary Jackson, Ryan Jackson, Ansley Rochester, Callie Sartain, Carey Sartain, Susanna Sartain, Anna Claire Woody, Mac Bennett, Allison Cape, Boone Alexander, Ali Auffarth, Maggie Auffarth, Joseph Ball, William Ball, Sarah Cannon, Ginnie Highsmith, Ryan Irick, Isabella Robbins, Olivia Robbins, Ryan Ball, Meagan Cox, Morgan Lomax, Megan Maxwell, Kylie Stasierowski, Katelyn Turner, Chase Bennett, Jack Brand, Micah Chetta, Hayley Duncan, Rachel Gheorghies, Rebekah Gheorghies, Abigail Gilleland, Jacob Gottfried, Tessa Greene, Amanda Harmon, Jay Hinshaw, Jonathan Hughes, Adam Jobson, Matt McAndrew, Brian Monaghan, Madilyn Patterson, Paige Patterson, Ellie Peterson, Steven Peterson, Ana Smith, Anna Swick, A.J.Waterer, Jenny Zimler, Rachel Waterer, Jordy Bearden, Connor Bizon, Nicholas Dillard, Clay Kinningham, Daniel Kinningham, Manci McMullan, Marlee McMullan, Georgia Whitehead, Oliver Whitehead, Lila Kate Cooley, Gabrielle Diaz, Phong V. Giang, Madison Jackson, Jin Moon, Phil Moon, Ines Shin, Pauline Shin, Angela Wang, Rollie Clark, Laila Hasnain, Marleigh Jones, Konstantin Keller, Pauline Keller, Sarah Robles, Isabelle Sniatecki, Saylor Sniatecki, Alana Franklin, Alex Lawson, Anna Caitlyn Anderson, Amanda Bateman, Delaney Benson, McKinley Benson, Hannah Byrd, Matthew Deremer, Timothy Deremer, McEver Dugan, Sarah Catherine Fordham, Avery Gratehouse, Olivia Gratehouse, Mary Kaitlin Hocker, Briley Johnakin, Rosemary Kinsey, Louisa Leimbach, Reagen Leimbach, Austin Long, Emma Grace Martin, Andrew Moore, Hannah Oliver, John Oliver, Kadi Perry, Kate Quinn, Max Roberts, Anna Lee Skinner, Anna Tolbert, Marcelle Zavala, Paloma Zavala, Ross Bishoff, Susie Diesch, Abby Harold, Ashley Harold, Sydney Massey, Lauren Page, Nichols Parker, Sasha Parker, Caleb Tyler, Laura Waldron, Hayden Roper, Spencer Roper, Faith Banning, Diego Bulos, Lacey Chamberlain, Audrey Gurley, Emily Nizialek, Ben Pham, Christopher Pham, Symonne Stryjewski and Garrett VanWambeke.

The following voice, violin, viola and cello students also, received superior certificates:

  • Voice: Carson Ball, Madeline McClurg and Anna-Sophie Keller.
  • Violin: Anna Diaz, Rachel Dillard, Jenny Zimler, Bailee Meyer and Emma Tillirson.
  • Viola: Jenny Zimler.
  • Cello: Julia Chun, Ashley Flower, John Hollenbeck and Jamie Mancuso.

The Gainesvile Music Club sponsors Junior Music Festivals in conjunction with the Georgia and National Federations of Music Clubs. All teachers are members of the Gainesville Music Club.

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