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Good news
Good samaritan2

Brooke Arroliga, a fourth-grade teacher at Sugar Hill Elementary, recently experienced an act of kindness and good fortune. Arroliga lost an item of great value — her teacher bag full of work that "my hard-working students had submitted to me."

An AT&T employee, Farren Dixon, found the bag on the side of the road and took time out of his day to drive it to Sugar Hill Elementary school.

"This small act of kindness is something I think everyone should know about because so often our media is full of the negative events," said Arroliga.

"We all need to hear that there are still people who do good in our world. May we all be inspired to take time to do good for others."

Arroliga wanted to thank Dixon for his act of kindness, both for her and her students and for being a true Good Samaritan.