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Good news
Winners at the Northeast Georgia Writers annual awards banquet included, standing from left, Shirley McDonald, Rosemary Mallinson, Emory Jones and Judy Jones. Seated from left are Mildred Greear and Elouise Whitten. - photo by For The Times

Disability Resource Center recently hosted a "beep ball" exhibition tournament for Hall County schools’ Partnerships for Success clubs, an organization for students with or without disabilities that focuses on friendship, leadership and community service.

Phil Niekro, the winningest knuckle ball pitcher of all time and a 1997 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, served as the master of ceremonies and threw out the first pitch of the tournament.

Beep ball is a form of softball for the visually impaired, played with a standard softball inserted with a beeper. The blindfolded batter uses the sound to locate and hit the ball, and blindfolded fielders try to retrieve the ball by following the sound. Bases are replaced with two 48-inch cylinders emitting a buzzing sound. All players are blindfolded except for the sighted pitcher and catcher, who are on the same team as the batter.

While the game is primarily for the blind, the Partnerships for Success clubs at Flowery Branch, West Hall, Johnson, C.W. Davis, Lanier Career North Hall, Chesatee and West Hall took this opportunity for everyone to play.

Disability Resource Center is a private, non-profit organization that provides services individuals with disabilities.


The Northeast Georgia Writers recently held its 36th annual awards banquet, announcing winners of the annual writing contest. Judges were Mildred Greear, Emory Jones, Jean Mahavier and Kathy Amos.

This year’s winners are:

Assigned Subject: First place, Rosemary Mallinson; second place, Leona Martin; third place, Ruthanna Bass.

Poetry: First place, Rose Parsons; second place, Marsha Hopkins; third place, Joseph Judge.

Short Story: First place, Maureen Gregg; second place, Joseph Judge, third place (tie), Rosemary Mallinson and Rose Parsons; honorable mention, Dorothy Wehunt.

Nonfiction Article: First place, Rosemary Mallinson; second place, Dorothy Wehunt; third place, Lynda Holmes.

Children’s Story: First place, Rosemary Mallinson; second place, Mary Willis; third place (tie), Rose Parsons and Ruthanna Bass.

Song Lyrics: First place, Rosemary Mallinson; second place, Ruthanna Bass; third place, Marsha Hopkins.

My Own Life Story: First place, Leona Martin; second place, Heidi J. Bowman; third place, Lynda Holmes.

Memoir Book: First place, Margaret Rasmussen; second place, Rosemary Mallinson; third place, Lynda Holmes.

Woodstock Worker of the Year: Margaret Ellett.

Snoopy Writer of the Year: Rosemary Mallinson.

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