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Court Appointed Special Advocate Program initiates new volunteers into program
The Court Appointed Special Advocate Program, a nonprofit organization with the mission to ensure abused and neglected children have the right to a safe and permanent home, recently swore in new volunteers. The new volunteers, from left, are: front row, Kiran Singh, Robbie McCormac, Allison Blackwood, Autumn Lester, Ana Guimaraes, Lisa Raper, Lauren Holliday, Kayla Thompson, Kasey Mangum, Susan Smith, Linda Wagner and Judge Cliff Jolliff; middle row, Paul Lynch, Alex Allens, Susie Sanders, Valerie Mintz, Kathy Kilgore, John Beebout, Beth Beebout and Carol Werner; and back row, April Holder, Sharon Fox, Jan Banks, Renee Orr, Kristin Hood, Erwin Bligen, Lindsey Smith and Cynthia Asimiga. CASA provides trained, screened and supervised volunteers to advocate for the best interest of children requiring court intervention.
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