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Experience some Christmas magic at these 6 light displays in Hall County
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Those who pass Jerry Huffman's home in Flowery Branch are encouraged to tune into his station, 92.1 FM, to listen to Christmas music as they gaze at the light display. Photo courtesy Jerry Huffman

Jerry Huffman of Flowery Branch is used to people walking around his yard around Christmas. 

In previous years, Huffman said he has placed chairs out for visitors to enjoy his massive holiday lights display. 

“The more people, the more fun, that’s the way I look at it,” he said. “I enjoy seeing other people get excited about it.”

As people pass by Huffman’s home, located at 6473 Samoa Way in Flowery Branch, they can tune into 92.1 FM and listen to his radio station, which plays Christmas music each day from 4:30-10:30 p.m.

For the past several years, Huffman said he has programmed four illuminated trees to move their mouths in sync with the music. However, he decided to dial it back this season and replace them with a large illuminated American flag.

People can still expect to see Christmas trees, twinkling poles with stars atop, a Nativity scene and lights dancing across the yard.

Huffman said he has always enjoyed tinkering with gadgets, and when he retired from his job as a sale and marketing manager, he decided to transform his lawn into a festive spectacle. 

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“It’s just fun for the kids to come by,” he said. “Last night we (wife and I) came back in from shopping, and people were sitting in front of our house. You could hear a bunch of little kids screaming, ‘Merry Christmas.’”

People can view Huffman’s holiday website, which includes last year’s light display, at

Huffman’s home isn’t the only location where you can admire Christmas lights this year in Hall County. From twinkling tunnels to a child-sized replica of The Polar Express, check out these other five holiday-centric places.

Flowery Branch home light display

Jerry Huffman, who lives on Samoa Way in Flowery Branch, has gone all out with Christmas decorations and music for the past four years. Video courtesy Jerry Huffman

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 Green Street Circle neighborhood

Several community members have reported seeing the glow of Green Street Circle from Longstreet Cafe in Gainesville. Those who drive through the neighborhood will be able to view a coordinated lights display and other Christmas-themed decorations like a child-sized igloo, Nativity scene and child-sized Polar Express. Green Street Circle received first place for the best neighborhood group display and most consecutive illuminated homes during Gainesville’s Light up the Town contest. 

Concord Baptist Church, 640 Main St., Clermont 

People are invited to drive past Concord Baptist Church’s Clermont campus to watch its annual Christmas Lights show. Patti Lord, who works at the church, said the display runs from 7-10 p.m. each day through Tuesday, Jan. 5. As people watch the show, they can tune into 90.3 FM and listen to Christmas music. Lord said the trees and other light structures twinkle with the songs. People can view the show on the right side of the building, near the edge of the parking lot. 

Sterling on the Lake, Flowery Branch 

Once the sun sets, Sterling on the Lake in Flowery Branch transforms into a realm of Christmas cheer. Those who drive through the neighborhood will be greeted with rows of homes and trees adorned with lights. 

Gainesville square

Top off your holiday season with a stroll through Gainesville’s square. The city’s famous chicken perches atop Main Street Market in all of its sparkling glory and trees and storefronts stay aglow with lights. If you’re willing to add a few extra minutes of walking to your evening, pop by Engine 209 Park off Jesse Jewell Parkway to see the historical train, which is decorated for the season. 

Margaritaville Lakeside Lights Spectacular, 7650 Lanier Islands Parkway, Buford

Margaritaville’s Lakeside Lights Spectacular has replaced Magical Nights of Lights with a new immersive attraction. Instead of driving through and looking at the lights, people are invited to walk along a three-quarter-mile path — which is completely wheelchair accessible — and see the light structures up close. The main portion of the beach has a 15-minute light show, as well as LandShark Bar & Grill. For more information and ticket prices, visit