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Aerial arts will be flowing Dec. 20 at Left Nut Brewing Co.
12192019 CIRQUE 1
Photo courtesy LeeAnna Hoffman.

Beer won’t be the only thing flowing at Left Nut Brewing Co. Friday.

Cirque Fit, a fitness program that revolves around circus arts and aerial hoops, will perform a free show with a Christmas theme from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Dec. 20. The taproom will be open 1 to 10 p.m.

“It’s a fun, fitness alternative and we want to introduce people to circus arts and what that is,” said Jess Hoffman, owner of Cirque Fit with her husband, Ryan. “A wonderful way to do that is with aerial arts, because it's for everyone. It doesn’t matter how big or little or old you are. You can do it.”

Hoffman and her husband along with some of their Cirque Fit students started the Cirque Noel event at Left Nut last year. She said she was surprised by how many people were there and hopes to see the same thing this year.

“We just do a little Christmas show,” Hoffman said. “It's very relaxed, very fun. Myself and some of my students will put on a little showcase just for the bar patrons and to have some fun and to ring in the holidays.”

Hoffman said circus arts can range from simple juggling to fire eating and even clown arts. While they don’t do any clown arts and you won’t see any fire eating at Cirque Noel, Hoffman still plans to give you a good show.

She’s hoping the intrigue of Cirque Fit spreads from her home base of Buford and Atlanta, where most of their performances take place.

“It's really not as popular up north and in Hall County as we'd like for it to be,” Hoffman said. “It's really, in Georgia, centralized in Atlanta. So we really want to expand that.”

She knows the interest is there because last time they were at Left Nut in the spring, she said they barely had room to “set up our apparatus.”

“I think people just enjoy watching it because it's mesmerizing,” Hoffman said. “You see these people working so hard to push their bodies to crazy positions that you don't just need grace for, you need an extreme amount of specific strength and training. And it can take years to do it.

And at events and especially in classes, she likes to give people the opportunity to try it out for themselves

“I think people like participating in it because it's very freeing,” Hoffman said. “It's very fun. It shows that for men and women, you can do so much more with your body than what you thought.”

At this year’s Cirque Noel event, they’ll of course be wearing holiday costumes. Hoffman said they’ll have a hand balancer and about every 10 minutes there will be an aerial set.

She said Left Nut is a fun venue to perform at because people can come watch the show while they play a game or get a drink with a friend. Plus, everyone gets to see it close up.

“I love performing at shows where I can hear people going, ‘Wow’ or cheering or clapping,” Hoffman said. “These skills are extremely difficult, and so I think my favorite part of it is the reactions from spectators and people that just think it's incredible … I think my favorite part is it just makes people really happy.”

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