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Gainesville students take clowning around to the next level
That's What Gee Said displays good, clean fun in video format
Gainesville High School sophomores Nick Boleman, 15, left, and Jacob Gee, 15, started a Web site in January focused on clean comedy. The duo make music, short video clips and have a full-length movie in the works. - photo by SARA GUEVARA
Local video:Watch Nick and Jacob rap about a man-bear-pig.

An injured neck and a hurt knee put Gainesville High School sophomores Jacob Gee and Nick Boleman on the fast-track to an online comedy gig.

After both suffered injuries in junior varsity football practice before their football careers kicked off their freshman year, Gee and Boleman spent a lot of time on the sidelines of red elephant football games.

It was there they became fast friends, cracking jokes that eventually led to rap sessions hosted by the sideline boys.

Before long, the two conjured up a plan to own and maintain their own comedy Web site, That's What Gee Said.

"We just thought of ideas and then we did it," Gee said. "We thought we were funny so we thought other people might think we're funny. So we just started making videos."

Gee took the reins of directing and editing while Boleman, who is active in the Gainesville High School drama department, worked the music side of the comedy site.

A trip to That's What Gee Said reveals independent comedy shorts set in someone's living room, in local parks or at school. But there's something markedly absent from the Geecrew's bits - there's no bathroom humor, four-letter words or raunchy jokes characteristic of typical high school sophomores.

The duo has decided to keep the dirty jokes at bay.

"It started out we put out dirty jokes and videos, but then we decided that's not us," Boleman said. "We took those off because anyone could see them, and that's not who we are. We're Christians and we're just tired of hearing so many dirty jokes. It's funny at first but when you keep hearing it, you kind of get sick of it and you want something you could share with your family."

Gee said the best thing about laughing about a rap video or a film about not being able to find the remote control is that you don't have to feel bad about watching it. The two fledgling comedians said they want to make a statement that they're "not just dirty-joke makers."

But the move to keep it clean didn't come without a little bit of parental pushing, Gee said.

"My mom checks (the Web site) every day almost to make sure I'm keeping it straight. ... She's like our editor," he said.

With the help of their fellow classmates, the duo has been making comedy videos since January. And now, they're ready to make a full-length film titled "Brad: The Movie, Part Two" starring none other than Gainesville High School sophomore Brad Bullard.

Gee wrote the script and Boleman said the movie follows Brad's rediscovery of himself upon awakening from a coma after a tragic car accident.

"It's really an emotional movie," Boleman said. "It even has a musical number. ... He runs off to find himself. He finds his emotions..."

"Love, fear, anger, sadness, humor," Gee interjected.

Boleman said they plan to film the hour-long movie during Christmas break, and hope to have it posted on the Web site by March.

The boys are also working on a new music video called "G-Vegas" that depicts life as they see it right here from "GainesVegas."

Until then, Gee and Boleman hope all those searching for laughter will log onto their Web site and live out their motto: "Watch, laugh and enjoy."

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