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6 treats to try at La Mejor de Michoacán
05262021 DESSERT 1.jpg
La Mejor de Michoacán offers a wide variety of frozen treats, snacks and beverages at its Gainesville locations. - photo by Daniela Carrasco

If you’re looking for a cold dessert or refreshing drink to indulge in while the weather is warm, La Mejor de Michoacan is a one-stop shop. The sweet-centric business offers a large menu of frozen treats, snacks and beverages at its two Gainesville locations. 

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A cup of birthday cake ice cream from La Mejor de Michoacán in Gainesville. - photo by Daniela Carrasco
Ice cream

The shop has a wide variety of ice cream flavors to choose from like mango, lime, kiwi, and piña colada. Sweeter options include Reese’s, Fruity Pebbles and Gansito, a Mexican snack cake that includes strawberry-flavored jelly, creme and chocolate. People can eat their ice cream in either a classic cone or cup.

La Mejor de Michoacán offers popsicles. - photo by CHELSEY ABERCROMBIE

Perfect for a hot day, La Mejor offers popsicles in many flavors. Uncommon options include tequila, rice pudding, currant and tamarind. You can also opt for traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream and coconut.

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Los Scoops owner Isaac Hernandez makes a Chamoyada Loca Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, at his Gillsville Highway ice cream shop. The popular concoction can be found at various other ice cream shops around Gainesville. The desserts is a sweet and spicy experience. - photo by Scott Rogers

This sweet, sour and spicy combination of flavors is a must-have when visiting La Mejor. A chamoyada mixes sweet mango sorbet with spicy and sour chamoy and tajin (spicy apricot sauce). The beverage is served in a cup and best enjoyed on a hot day. For those unfamiliar with chamoy, it’s a Mexican condiment made with fruit — such as plum or mango — chilies and lime juice. The vibrant concoction comes in varying degrees of heat.

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Tostilocos is a classic Mexican snack offered at La Mejor de Michoacán that includes a chip bag of your choice, cut open, and filled with cucumber, jicama, pork skin, spicy Valentina sauce, chamoy and lime juice. - photo by Daniela Carrasco

Tostilocos is a classic snack you can find any vendor selling in the streets of Mexico. La Mejor brings it right to Gainesville. The snack comes in a chip bag of your choice — cut open — and filled with cucumber, jicama (root vegetable), pork skin, spicy Valentina sauce, chamoy and lime juice. The crunchy, sour and spicy mix of ingredients is great for eating on the go.

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La Mejor de Michoacán's fresas con crema is filled with strawberries, cream and sugar and topped with whipped cream. - photo by Daniela Carrasco
Fresas con crema

This treat, which translates in English to “strawberries with cream,” is a simple, yet tasty food to try at La Mejor. Served in a clear plastic cup, it is filled to the brim with fresh-cut strawberries and cream mixed with sugar. The traditional Mexican dessert is topped generously with whipped cream. It’s a favorite among many of La Mejor’s visitors.

Freshly made juices

What else beats the heat better than a cup of fresh fruit juice? La Mejor offers a wide variety of juice flavors like mixed fruit, pineapple, lime, jamaica, horchata and watermelon. People can choose from small and large sizes. The juices are made fresh in the store every day and are ideal for spring and summer weather.

La Mejor de Michoacán 

Where: 403 Atlanta Highway, Gainesville1870 Atlanta Highway Suite H, Gainesville

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Sunday

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